my foobar2000 components

here are the latest components of mine, you need a computer that has SSE instruction set.

version 1.x ( (1.1) (1.1) (1.1.8) ( ( (1.4.2) (1.1.6)

version 0.9.x ( (0.1) (0.1) (0.1.8) ( ( (0.1.3) (0.3.5) (0.4) (0.1.6) (0.1.3)

上面是目前我最新的插件的下載地址, 你需要一台支援 SSE 指令的電腦.


  1. nullx said,

    May 7, 2010 @ 10:43 pm

    Illegal operation:
    Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 025029D6h
    Access violation, operation: read, address: 00000000h

    Call path:

    Code bytes (025029D6h):
    02502996h: 27 6A 01 68 D0 CA 53 02 8D 4C 24 08 E8 78 86 01
    025029A6h: 00 68 E0 7D 53 02 8D 44 24 04 50 C7 44 24 08 E4
    025029B6h: 1D 53 02 E8 7D 72 02 00 83 C4 0C C3 CC CC CC CC
    025029C6h: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 33 C0 85 C9 76 0B
    025029D6h: 80 3C 10 00 74 05 40 3B C1 72 F5 C3 CC CC CC CC
    025029E6h: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 6A FF 68 58 C8 52
    025029F6h: 02 64 A1 00 00 00 00 50 83 EC 14 56 57 A1 90 B0
    02502A06h: 53 02 33 C4 50 8D 44 24 20 64 A3 00 00 00 00 8B

    Stack (0013F3F0h):
    0013F3D0h: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0013F3E0h: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0013F3F0h: 02502A97 522F1CF4 0253F9B4 0000000A
    0013F400h: 00000000 0000000A 0013F484 0252BA88
    0013F410h: FFFFFFFF 0013F484 0252C858 FFFFFFFF
    0013F420h: 0251311B 00000000 FFFFFFFF 522F1B3C
    0013F430h: 000C074C 000D0894 02701030 00000000
    0013F440h: 02701030 0013F418 0013F438 00000017
    0013F450h: 000C074C 02531E04 02700A70 00000036
    0013F460h: 00000036 00000027 76E4F8F6 02531E04
    0013F470h: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0013F480h: 76E4F8F6 0013F54C 0252CD00 00000001
    0013F490h: 0013F4B4 02516FE4 00000111 00000001
    0013F4A0h: 000D0894 0013F530 00000111 00000000
    0013F4B0h: 00000000 0013F4E0 76E4FD72 000C074C
    0013F4C0h: 00000111 00000001 000D0894 00000111
    0013F4D0h: DCBAABCD 00000000 0013F530 00000111
    0013F4E0h: 0013F55C 76E449A9 02516F88 000C074C
    0013F4F0h: 00000111 00000001 000D0894 522A71CD
    0013F500h: 00000111 000C074C 015442E8 00000024

    EAX: 00000000, EBX: 00000000, ECX: FFFFFFFF, EDX: 00000000
    ESI: 0253F9E8, EDI: 00000000, EBP: 0013F490, ESP: 0013F3F0

    Crash location:
    Module: foo_input_msl
    Offset: 29D6h

    Loaded modules:
    foobar2000 loaded at 01330000h – 014EA000h
    ntdll loaded at 77600000h – 77727000h
    kernel32 loaded at 76D00000h – 76DDC000h
    COMCTL32 loaded at 749F0000h – 74B8E000h
    msvcrt loaded at 76B80000h – 76C2A000h
    ADVAPI32 loaded at 76ED0000h – 76F96000h
    RPCRT4 loaded at 772C0000h – 77383000h
    GDI32 loaded at 76CB0000h – 76CFB000h
    USER32 loaded at 76E30000h – 76ECD000h
    SHLWAPI loaded at 769D0000h – 76A29000h
    DSOUND loaded at 6FEC0000h – 6FF30000h
    ole32 loaded at 76FB0000h – 770F5000h
    WINMM loaded at 74080000h – 740B2000h
    OLEAUT32 loaded at 777D0000h – 7785D000h
    OLEACC loaded at 74040000h – 7407D000h
    POWRPROF loaded at 74FC0000h – 74FDA000h
    UxTheme loaded at 74C50000h – 74C8F000h
    SHELL32 loaded at 75D80000h – 76890000h
    shared loaded at 10000000h – 1002B000h
    imagehlp loaded at 76A30000h – 76A59000h
    dbghelp loaded at 6F3F0000h – 6F4CC000h
    COMDLG32 loaded at 76C30000h – 76CA3000h
    IMM32 loaded at 76A70000h – 76A8E000h
    MSCTF loaded at 75CB0000h – 75D78000h
    LPK loaded at 77730000h – 77739000h
    USP10 loaded at 77580000h – 775FD000h
    kwsui loaded at 00CD0000h – 00D48000h
    PSAPI loaded at 75CA0000h – 75CA7000h
    WININET loaded at 76A90000h – 76B76000h
    Normaliz loaded at 76A60000h – 76A63000h
    urlmon loaded at 76890000h – 769C3000h
    iertutil loaded at 77390000h – 77578000h
    kswebshield loaded at 00F10000h – 00F9A000h
    MSIMG32 loaded at 74810000h – 74815000h
    VERSION loaded at 75090000h – 75098000h
    WS2_32 loaded at 77290000h – 772BD000h
    NSI loaded at 76FA0000h – 76FA6000h
    CLBCatQ loaded at 77740000h – 777C4000h
    MMDevApi loaded at 73920000h – 73948000h
    SETUPAPI loaded at 77100000h – 7728A000h
    WINTRUST loaded at 74EC0000h – 74EED000h
    CRYPT32 loaded at 75580000h – 75672000h
    MSASN1 loaded at 75710000h – 75722000h
    USERENV loaded at 75B60000h – 75B7E000h
    Secur32 loaded at 75B40000h – 75B54000h
    foo_abx loaded at 00DC0000h – 00DF1000h
    foo_dsp_std loaded at 020F0000h – 02139000h
    foo_ui_std loaded at 023A0000h – 024AE000h
    gdiplus loaded at 744A0000h – 7464B000h
    foo_utils loaded at 6B080000h – 6B0C4000h
    foo_rgscan loaded at 02140000h – 0218F000h
    foo_freedb2 loaded at 02230000h – 02272000h
    foo_input_monkey loaded at 024B0000h – 024F5000h
    foo_input_msl loaded at 02500000h – 02547000h
    WMVCore loaded at 6BAB0000h – 6BCFB000h
    WMASF loaded at 6D4E0000h – 6D519000h
    foo_unpack loaded at 026C0000h – 026F1000h
    foo_uie_explorer loaded at 02770000h – 027BE000h
    WindowsCodecs loaded at 724E0000h – 725D4000h
    apphelp loaded at 75AB0000h – 75ADC000h
    EhStorShell loaded at 72280000h – 7229F000h
    PROPSYS loaded at 74110000h – 741CB000h
    foo_midi loaded at 03600000h – 036AC000h
    foo_input_std loaded at 03B90000h – 03CDC000h
    foo_fileops loaded at 03980000h – 039C8000h
    foo_cdda loaded at 03AF0000h – 03B3E000h
    foo_uie_console loaded at 027C0000h – 027DC000h
    foo_converter loaded at 03F80000h – 03FF2000h
    foo_lock loaded at 038F0000h – 03908000h
    foo_albumlist loaded at 03CE0000h – 03D3C000h
    foo_ui_columns loaded at 04310000h – 04443000h
    wtsapi32 loaded at 74BF0000h – 74BFA000h
    WINSTA loaded at 75B10000h – 75B35000h

    Stack dump analysis:
    Address: 02502A97h (foo_input_msl+2A97h)
    Address: 0253F9B4h (foo_input_msl+3F9B4h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+2A1D4h)
    Address: 0252BA88h (foo_input_msl+2BA88h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+162A8h)
    Address: 0252C858h (foo_input_msl+2C858h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+17078h)
    Address: 0251311Bh (foo_input_msl+1311Bh)
    Address: 02531E04h (foo_input_msl+31E04h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+1C624h)
    Address: 76E4F8F6h (USER32+1F8F6h), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+37h)
    Address: 02531E04h (foo_input_msl+31E04h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+1C624h)
    Address: 76E4F8F6h (USER32+1F8F6h), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+37h)
    Address: 0252CD00h (foo_input_msl+2CD00h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+17520h)
    Address: 02516FE4h (foo_input_msl+16FE4h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+1804h)
    Address: 76E4FD72h (USER32+1FD72h), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+4B3h)
    Address: 76E449A9h (USER32+149A9h), symbol: “ActivateKeyboardLayout” (+21Dh)
    Address: 02516F88h (foo_input_msl+16F88h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+17A8h)
    Address: 76E4495Fh (USER32+1495Fh), symbol: “ActivateKeyboardLayout” (+1D3h)
    Address: 76E9522Dh (USER32+6522Dh), symbol: “DrawFrame” (+ABAh)
    Address: 76E4481Fh (USER32+1481Fh), symbol: “ActivateKeyboardLayout” (+93h)
    Address: 02516F88h (foo_input_msl+16F88h), symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+17A8h)
    Address: 76E50AEDh (USER32+20AEDh), symbol: “SendMessageW” (+0h)
    Address: 76E66FF3h (USER32+36FF3h), symbol: “DrawFocusRect” (+359Dh)
    Address: 76E50AEDh (USER32+20AEDh), symbol: “SendMessageW” (+0h)
    Address: 76E44A11h (USER32+14A11h), symbol: “DefDlgProcW” (+0h)
    Address: 76E50B36h (USER32+20B36h), symbol: “SendMessageW” (+49h)
    Address: 74A8B4B2h (COMCTL32+9B4B2h), symbol: “ImageList_Draw” (+4948h)
    Address: 74A8B514h (COMCTL32+9B514h), symbol: “ImageList_Draw” (+49AAh)
    Address: 74A8B61Fh (COMCTL32+9B61Fh), symbol: “ImageList_Draw” (+4AB5h)
    Address: 76E4A1DBh (USER32+1A1DBh), symbol: “PostMessageW” (+66h)
    Address: 76E4A1EBh (USER32+1A1EBh), symbol: “PostMessageW” (+76h)
    Address: 76E4FD72h (USER32+1FD72h), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+4B3h)
    Address: 76E4FE4Ah (USER32+1FE4Ah), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+58Bh)
    Address: 74A270F8h (COMCTL32+370F8h), symbol: “DSA_SetItem” (+EA4h)
    Address: 76E4FDF3h (USER32+1FDF3h), symbol: “GetWindowLongW” (+534h)
    Address: 76E9522Dh (USER32+6522Dh), symbol: “DrawFrame” (+ABAh)
    Address: 76E5018Dh (USER32+2018Dh), symbol: “GetMessageW” (+296h)
    Address: 74A270F8h (COMCTL32+370F8h), symbol: “DSA_SetItem” (+EA4h)
    Address: 76E49C78h (USER32+19C78h), symbol: “GetDC” (+47h)
    Address: 76E50866h (USER32+20866h), symbol: “CallMsgFilterW” (+65h)
    Address: 76E9522Dh (USER32+6522Dh), symbol: “DrawFrame” (+ABAh)
    Address: 76E5022Bh (USER32+2022Bh), symbol: “DispatchMessageW” (+Fh)
    Address: 74A270F8h (COMCTL32+370F8h), symbol: “DSA_SetItem” (+EA4h)
    Address: 76E451F5h (USER32+151F5h), symbol: “IsWindowEnabled” (+9Fh)
    Address: 76E50745h (USER32+20745h), symbol: “IsDialogMessageW” (+0h)
    Address: 0139477Fh (foobar2000+6477Fh)
    Address: 76E4FEF7h (USER32+1FEF7h), symbol: “GetMessageW” (+0h)
    Address: 76D4A640h (kernel32+4A640h), symbol: “SetLastError” (+0h)
    Address: 76E5045Ah (USER32+2045Ah), symbol: “PeekMessageW” (+0h)
    Address: 0145CFB8h (foobar2000+12CFB8h)
    Address: 0139483Eh (foobar2000+6483Eh)
    Address: 01395614h (foobar2000+65614h)
    Address: 01477AFCh (foobar2000+147AFCh)
    Address: 01477AFCh (foobar2000+147AFCh)
    Address: 0148A354h (foobar2000+15A354h)
    Address: 01330000h (foobar2000+0h)
    Address: 0148A338h (foobar2000+15A338h)
    Address: 776099FAh (ntdll+99FAh), symbol: “WinSqmStartSession” (+27Bh)
    Address: 00CF3D38h (kwsui+23D38h), symbol: “GetHookStatus” (+1B5C8h)
    Address: 776668FDh (ntdll+668FDh), symbol: “RtlFreeHeap” (+28Dh)
    Address: 7766661Fh (ntdll+6661Fh), symbol: “RtlAllocateHeap” (+AFh)
    Address: 77666570h (ntdll+66570h), symbol: “RtlAllocateHeap” (+0h)
    Address: 776099FAh (ntdll+99FAh), symbol: “WinSqmStartSession” (+27Bh)
    Address: 00CF3D38h (kwsui+23D38h), symbol: “GetHookStatus” (+1B5C8h)
    Address: 776668FDh (ntdll+668FDh), symbol: “RtlFreeHeap” (+28Dh)
    Address: 7766661Fh (ntdll+6661Fh), symbol: “RtlAllocateHeap” (+AFh)
    Address: 77666570h (ntdll+66570h), symbol: “RtlAllocateHeap” (+0h)
    Address: 014AF060h (foobar2000+17F060h)
    Address: 014476A4h (foobar2000+1176A4h)
    Address: 0144F60Ch (foobar2000+11F60Ch)
    Address: 0144B1D0h (foobar2000+11B1D0h)
    Address: 0144F60Ch (foobar2000+11F60Ch)
    Address: 0144D5F4h (foobar2000+11D5F4h)
    Address: 01467F97h (foobar2000+137F97h)
    Address: 01447EF2h (foobar2000+117EF2h)
    Address: 100027AAh (shared+27AAh), symbol: “uPrintCrashInfo_OnEvent” (+B0h)
    Address: 0147F384h (foobar2000+14F384h)
    Address: 100027EDh (shared+27EDh), symbol: “uCallStackTracker::uCallStackTracker” (+2Fh)
    Address: 0147F384h (foobar2000+14F384h)
    Address: 01395857h (foobar2000+65857h)
    Address: 01330000h (foobar2000+0h)
    Address: 01447BEFh (foobar2000+117BEFh)
    Address: 014720B8h (foobar2000+1420B8h)
    Address: 014AF060h (foobar2000+17F060h)
    Address: 0146FE30h (foobar2000+13FE30h)
    Address: 01345116h (foobar2000+15116h)
    Address: 0144B1D0h (foobar2000+11B1D0h)
    Address: 01447BEFh (foobar2000+117BEFh)
    Address: 01447C03h (foobar2000+117C03h)
    Address: 0146FE30h (foobar2000+13FE30h)
    Address: 0146839Dh (foobar2000+13839Dh)
    Address: 01449036h (foobar2000+119036h)
    Address: 01330000h (foobar2000+0h)
    Address: 01450B66h (foobar2000+120B66h)
    Address: 0144B1D0h (foobar2000+11B1D0h)
    Address: 76D4D0E9h (kernel32+4D0E9h), symbol: “BaseThreadInitThunk” (+12h)
    Address: 776419BBh (ntdll+419BBh), symbol: “RtlInitializeExceptionChain” (+63h)
    Address: 76D9FD89h (kernel32+9FD89h), symbol: “UnhandledExceptionFilter” (+0h)
    Address: 76D9FD89h (kernel32+9FD89h), symbol: “UnhandledExceptionFilter” (+0h)
    Address: 776099FAh (ntdll+99FAh), symbol: “WinSqmStartSession” (+27Bh)
    Address: 00CF2030h (kwsui+22030h), symbol: “GetHookStatus” (+198C0h)
    Address: 7764198Eh (ntdll+4198Eh), symbol: “RtlInitializeExceptionChain” (+36h)
    Address: 014490A1h (foobar2000+1190A1h)
    Address: 776A6F9Bh (ntdll+A6F9Bh), symbol: “RtlRemoteCall” (+249h)
    Address: 014490A1h (foobar2000+1190A1h)

    App: foobar2000 v1.0.3
    OS: Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 x86
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3
    Audio: Speakers (SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio)
    UI: Columns UI

    Core (2010-04-29 14:43:38 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.0.3
    foo_abx.dll (2008-11-29 10:57:48 UTC)
    ABX Comparator 1.3.3
    foo_albumlist.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:36 UTC)
    Album List 4.4
    foo_cdda.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:30 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 3.0
    foo_converter.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:08 UTC)
    Converter 1.4.1
    foo_dsp_std.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:48 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.0
    foo_fileops.dll (2010-04-29 12:34:40 UTC)
    File Operations 2.1.2
    foo_freedb2.dll (2010-04-29 12:34:40 UTC)
    freedb Tagger 0.6.2
    foo_input_monkey.dll (2008-05-31 14:39:34 UTC)
    Monkey’s Audio Decoder 2.1.3
    foo_input_msl.dll (2010-01-13 14:12:00 UTC)
    foo_input_std.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:34 UTC)
    Standard Input Array 1.0
    foo_lock.dll (2007-01-25 05:57:56 UTC)
    Pause on Lock 0.4
    foo_midi.dll (2008-10-15 03:59:36 UTC)
    MIDI synthesizer host 1.7
    foo_rgscan.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:12 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.9
    foo_ui_columns.dll (2008-11-27 21:02:46 UTC)
    Columns UI
    foo_ui_std.dll (2010-04-29 12:35:56 UTC)
    Default User Interface 0.9.5
    foo_uie_console.dll (2008-08-06 10:43:31 UTC)
    Console panel 0.3
    foo_uie_explorer.dll (2008-11-11 09:29:52 UTC)
    Explorer Tree 1.04.7b
    foo_unpack.dll (2010-04-29 12:34:28 UTC)
    ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.5
    foo_utils.dll (2008-02-08 15:26:58 UTC)
    Playlist Tools 0.6.2 beta 6

    Recent events:
    Startup time : 0:00.186922

  2. nullx said,

    May 1, 2010 @ 2:21 pm


  3. art said,

    March 19, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    thanks for foo_input_msl plugin :)

  4. Poppeye said,

    March 16, 2010 @ 10:44 pm

    Hi! Since your dts decoder plugin is so much better than kode54′s, maybe you could do a HDCD decoder plugin as well that works correctly with replaygain and stuff? That would be awesome!

  5. slow down playback said,

    February 28, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

    下載了 foo_dsp_soundtouch,不錯用,感謝!!

  6. realhill said,

    February 16, 2010 @ 11:33 am

    Acropolis 你好!

  7. Sean said,

    February 11, 2010 @ 5:50 am

    I’m using foo_masstag_addons with foo_masstag 1.7.1 and foobar2000 v0.9.6.9. I have tried using the Codepage conversion for some Japanese-title tracks. With 1252 (ANSI – Latin 1) for displayed codepage and 932 (ANSI/OEM – Japanese Shift-JIS) for correct codepage, the titles convert to kanji but not the right ones… Windows itself display the titles fine in eg. Explorer…??? Any ideas anyone? I’d like to get the titles displaying properly as Foobar seems a really good player otherwise. Thanks.

  8. joelzhao said,

    February 10, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

    首先感谢acro编写的插件,包括mslive,menu_addons. 自FB升级至1.0后,就用内嵌来收听网络电台,但有些功能还不及mslive,比如,一个电台下的频道没有编号从而削弱了排序功能;不能在线编辑tag;使用xml语法规则,相对而言比较麻烦。

    Illegal operation:
    Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 01B15F49h
    Access violation, operation: read, address: 00000000h

    Call path:

    Code bytes (01B15F49h):
    01B15F09h: 76 0A E8 4C 02 00 00 89 5E 04 EB 08 89 5E 04 E8
    01B15F19h: 3F 02 00 00 5F 5E 5B C2 04 00 8B 51 08 3B D0 73
    01B15F29h: 05 83 C0 10 EB 09 56 8D 70 20 3B D6 5E 76 09 50
    01B15F39h: 83 C1 04 E8 BA FF FF FF C3 8B 44 24 08 8D 48 01
    01B15F49h: 8A 10 40 84 D2 75 F9 56 57 FF 74 24 10 8B 7C 24
    01B15F59h: 10 2B C1 8B F0 E8 0E 02 00 00 5F 5E C2 08 00 53
    01B15F69h: 8B 5C 24 08 56 57 8B F8 8B F1 3B 7E 08 76 0A E8
    01B15F79h: 48 02 00 00 89 5E 04 EB 08 89 5E 04 E8 3B 02 00

    Stack (0012F888h):
    0012F868h: 0043005C 00720075 00650072 0074006E
    0012F878h: 00650056 00730072 006F0069 005C006E
    0012F888h: 01B13A31 0012F8C0 00000000 E33229E6
    0012F898h: 00000000 00579ED4 00000007 00000000
    0012F8A8h: 00579ED4 01B2BECC 00000000 00000000
    0012F8B8h: 00000000 00000000 01B2BECC 00000000
    0012F8C8h: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0012F8D8h: 00000008 00000000 01B52480 00000000
    0012F8E8h: 01B2C980 029DFFF0 01B524F8 00000000
    0012F8F8h: 01B524F8 0012F9CC 7C930979 7C930940
    0012F908h: 017C0608 7C93005D 00000000 029E0008
    0012F918h: 0012FA70 00000000 7C9301E0 029E0000
    0012F928h: 7C9301DB 02100000 0012F940 00000000
    0012F938h: 7C9300B8 01B52510 0012FA0C 7C930041
    0012F948h: 01B50718 7C93005D 0012F960 00000000
    0012F958h: 7C9300B8 01B524F8 0012FA2C 7C930041
    0012F968h: 01B50718 7C93005D 00000000 01B52500
    0012F978h: 00000004 00000003 00000003 00000003
    0012F988h: 00000003 00000018 0200F480 01B50000
    0012F998h: 0012F790 00000002 0012FA58 7C92E920

    EAX: 00000000, EBX: 00000000, ECX: 00000001, EDX: 0057D784
    ESI: 0012F8E8, EDI: 00000002, EBP: 0012FAC8, ESP: 0012F888

    Crash location:
    Module: foo_menu_addons
    Offset: 5F49h

  9. Sean said,

    February 5, 2010 @ 6:26 am

    foo_masstag_addons works with foo_masstag 1.7.1 (search, you’ll find it) and foobar2000 v0.9.6.9 – will post again once I’ve checked with foobar2000 v1.0 Thanks.

  10. Sean said,

    February 5, 2010 @ 5:51 am

    I have added foo_masstag_addons to foobar2000 v0.9.6.9 and it shows in Preferences -> Components, but ‘Addon: Codepage conversion’ is not in the ‘Add’ menu inside Masstagger. Does foo_masstag_addons only work with earlier versions of foobar? If so, which version? Thanks.

  11. realhill said,

    February 1, 2010 @ 11:14 pm


  12. theo said,

    February 1, 2010 @ 1:09 am

    Hey, does anybody know where i can find the MSN avatar changer (foo uie albumart msn) plugin?? I’ve been searching for it for a looong time.

  13. yalelynn said,

    January 29, 2010 @ 9:18 pm


  14. tedgo said,

    January 16, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

    Thank you very much for both new updates :)

  15. bubi said,

    January 16, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    thx a lot :)

  16. bubi said,

    January 15, 2010 @ 1:20 am

    hi acropolis,

    will you update the other plugins and especially foo_menu_addons for fb2k 1.0, too?

    Thanks in advance


  17. tedgo said,

    January 15, 2010 @ 1:19 am

    Thanks for the updated plugins :)
    Is there any chance for an updated foo_dsp_skip_silence too?
    Since the in-built skip silence unfortunately doesn’t work well…

  18. Acropolis said,

    January 13, 2010 @ 11:38 pm

    已经做好了, 有空上传上来大家使用

  19. realhill said,

    January 12, 2010 @ 12:07 pm


  20. theV said,

    December 19, 2009 @ 4:16 am

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem with SoundTouch that Lyx posted on HA forums some time ago:

    «this DSP – when in the DSP-chain – will cause constant subtle playback glitches (sounds like CD reading errors, but more subtle)….. even if one tells it to do nothing (all options disabled). The mere existance in the DSP-chain already causes those constant subtle glitches. To notice them, play a track which has extremely low detail (drones and stuff)…. then pay special attention to loud sections of the track.»

    If you want I’ll provide a very short sample with very apparent sound artifact.

    Do you think it’s a problem with your compile or with the original library?

  21. Acropolis said,

    December 15, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

    sorry, i will not code for that kind of personal preference.

  22. purpleturple said,

    December 15, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

    Hi. Can you please make a version of Soundtouch that, at intervals specified by you, randomly changes the tempo, pitch and rate? And also have an option to have the intervals randomly changed? It would make for a messed-up listening experience; sort of like a nightmare. I’d love something like that.

  23. Acropolis said,

    December 5, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

    it works with everything that is writable.

  24. aiznjemtais said,

    November 29, 2009 @ 6:26 am

    Is masstag addon working for the http streeming?
    I tried 1.7.1 masstagger and 0.3.5. addon on foobar and and received –
    Could not update tags (Access denied) on:

  25. joelzhao said,

    November 19, 2009 @ 10:11 pm


  26. Acropolis said,

    November 19, 2009 @ 9:49 pm

    经我再三测试还是没问题, 我建议你去下个英文版的0.9.6.9来试试, 有可能是你用的是有问题的汉化版.

  27. joelzhao said,

    November 18, 2009 @ 10:13 pm


  28. Acropolis said,

    November 16, 2009 @ 9:30 pm

    重装一次fb看看, 可能有档案不见了.

  29. joelzhao said,

    November 16, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

    Playback error
    Unable to open item for playback (cannot connect to any of the referenced urls when creating internal playlist for REF1 (
    “F:\music\网络广播电台\My Favorite Radio.asx” / index: 6

  30. c01!n said,

    November 14, 2009 @ 4:06 pm

    great site!
    nazis are different! they kill people , not only forbid plugins.
    btw on my foobar foo_dts works.

  31. Acropolis said,

    November 12, 2009 @ 9:26 pm

    yes it is.

  32. ZZ said,

    November 12, 2009 @ 9:52 am

    Is foo_input_mslive capable of displaying the actual track titles for what it is streaming?

  33. Acropolis said,

    November 10, 2009 @ 10:53 pm

    i lost the source long time ago, sorry.

  34. The meeee said,

    November 5, 2009 @ 3:42 am

    Can u please upload foo_uie_albumart_msn pls…….

  35. leeyh said,

    October 31, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

    dear Acropolis !
    thanks you very much!
    i found the problem about the “foo_input_mslive”,that is correctly about “play counter ” just you said in the answer. i find the thing and disable it.
    Now it’s work normally, so glading am I.

    I am appreciative of your kindness!

  36. Acropolis said,

    October 31, 2009 @ 11:12 pm

    because you have something like play counter which tries to update the tag while playing the stream, and it’s not supported.
    so the quick answer is: find the thing and disable it.

  37. leeyh said,

    October 31, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

    hello Acropolis !

    i have a urgent question ,please give me answer. The quedtion is about “foo_input_mslive”, i deploy it in my foobar2000(v0.9.6.9),but it does work accurately, it’s opening&buffering continuous.
    the error windows‘s words are (chinese) “无法继续解码在0:02.612(不支持的格式或文件损毁)”

    thanks a lot

  38. retorikku said,

    October 29, 2009 @ 2:37 am

    Yes, the fb2k developers are fascists. They systematically attempt to destroy any project that they dislike.

  39. Jorgo said,

    May 14, 2009 @ 3:53 am

    What the fuck? foobar 0966b1 disables foo_dts.dll !! Who do they think they are to tell me what plugins I need to run? This is a modern version of Nazi-ism!

  40. John said,

    May 13, 2009 @ 8:45 am

    @Stephen: I have masstagger version 1.7.1 which works with addon version 0.3.5. You can download both here:

  41. tw said,

    May 5, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

    when playing a stream url using mslive
    I found that thread counts add from 13 to 26
    the problem is, even if I stop playing, the thread number doesn’t drop
    then, I start playing the stream again, it will add another 10 threads
    number of thread just keep going up

    is this normal behavior? shouldn’t close those unused threads?

    ps. was using ProcessExplorer

  42. Stephen said,

    May 4, 2009 @ 9:08 am

    Since masstagger 1.8 came out, the masstagger addon no longer works. However, I still want to use your addon. Where can I download previous versions of masstagger that are compatible? Masstagger 1.8 is the only one available on the official downloads page.

  43. Sapperlott said,

    April 8, 2009 @ 8:07 am

    1. there is another dts decoder plugin (foo_input_dts.dll) developped by kode54 ( which provides a dts decoder as dsp.
    In dsp-manager u have to insert it on top of dsp-chain.
    A detected dts format in audio stream will automatically be decoded.

    2. Why dont u unpack ur dtswav files back to dts with a tool like besplit/besliced?
    dts files can be easy tagged with apev2 tags by foo_dts or foo_input_dts.
    Instead rewrapping the, already in wav wrapped dts stream, to flac container?

    That’s ‘doppelt gemoppelt’, as we say in german!

    Madet Jut! Sapperlott

  44. dts350z said,

    March 31, 2009 @ 1:14 am

    attempted to support, but not enough motivation ”

    Your efforts are greatly appreciatted!

    Let me just say again, if you have a lot of dts stuff, encoding it with flac lets you tag it, so you can put into players like foobar, and still search by album, artist, etc. Very Handy. only about 10% copressio with flac, but that is not the point, tagging is!

    Thanks again, I will watch this space with interest.

  45. Acropolis said,

    March 30, 2009 @ 10:01 pm

    attempted to support, but not enough motivation to get it finished, as I almost don’t have any of lossless codec encoded dts.

    create an asx file for the stream url then you can edit the name.

    there’s no way to update the component to support 1.8.
    as I can see, the new version totally ignore any supplement dlls for masstagger.
    also, I don’t see any reason to go for 1.8 unless you need the embedded cuesheet support.

  46. asd said,

    March 30, 2009 @ 5:59 pm

    foo_masstag 1.8 is released.
    foo_masstag_addons require udate

  47. Fixer said,

    March 29, 2009 @ 8:50 pm


    I am often using your mslive extension, so i have one trouble with stream names(it shows URL for some streams). Can you add some feature to edit track name for that kind of bad streams?

  48. dts350z said,

    March 28, 2009 @ 6:26 am

    I have all my DTS wavs encoded with flac for tagging. I’ve been using winamp but am unable to get the ASIO plugin to work under 64 bit OSs so am exploring foobar.

    With your plugin I can play (un-renamed) dts .wav files and that’s great, but how can I play .flac files that were flac encoded from dts .wavs?


  49. Uzlessid said,

    March 21, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

    Hello there
    I use f2k v0.9.4.3 and it failed to load foo_masstag_addons.dll
    It says this component appears to have been built with newer version of foobar2000 SDK but I don’t want update my f2k to date, so where can I dl the old vision of foo_masstag_addons.dll
    You help will be appreciated.
    great <3 with your addon

  50. Dstruct said,

    February 21, 2009 @ 11:57 pm

    Ok, 0.1.6 works if I disable “Support DTS CD/WAV”.

    But why can’t you just skip the detection on Audio CDs?

    If this can’t be “fixed” you should at least disable “Support DTS CD/WAV” by default and also rename it to “”Support DTS CD/WAV (breaks AudioCD playback)” or something like that.

    For now if users try to playback AudioCDs they always will run into this problem and maybe won’t know where to search for a solution!


  51. Acropolis said,

    February 21, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

    it’s not a bug, it is just detecting if it is a DTS cd, download another new version if you don’t use this feature.

  52. Dstruct said,

    February 20, 2009 @ 1:09 pm

    Hello Acropolis!

    I found another major bug in foo_dts 0.1.5:

    Foobar2000 ( hangs when trying to playback an AudioCD with foo_dts installed! You have to eject the CD to get Foobar2000 to react again.

    If I remove foo_dts then there’s no problem and Foobar2000 immediately plays all my AudioCDs.

    Hope you can fix this too.

    Many thanks!

  53. Nekro said,

    February 15, 2009 @ 10:06 am

    Thank you for the components for foobar they are much appreciated man.
    It is by far the best audio player/bloat free application around and with so
    much added functionality available if you want added extras: Oppose to all
    the bloat being installed regardless. Again thank you for the components


  54. Adam said,

    February 12, 2009 @ 11:47 pm

    Hi Acropolis,

    I love that fact that you’ve given MMS support to foobar2000, but I keep having issues where sometimes MMS streams will play and sometimes they will not. Any other reported issues like this?

    I think it may be the stream though, as sometimes did this in Winamp too. However never in WMP11…


  55. Dstruct said,

    February 12, 2009 @ 2:11 am

    Hello Acropolis!

    Version 0.1.5 of foo_dts fixed the problem! Many thanks!

  56. Dstruct said,

    February 10, 2009 @ 8:26 am

    Hello Acropolis!

    Your foo_dts plugin (0.1.4) causes problems with 32bit floating point files.

    Here an example file: (455 byte)

    It contains a 53.2 MB large WAV file (32bit floating point, 48kHz, stereo). There’s no sound in it.

    Now try to open this file with foobar2000 ( ):

    -> it needs extremely huge amount of time and CPU usage to open it (“Processing Files” and then “Opening …” can be seen for some seconds)

    Without the foo_dts plugin, foobar2000 instantly opens the file. So it seems foo_dts is inspecting/scanning the file for something!? Any chance to fix this?

    Other WAV files (non 32bit floating point) don’t seem to give this trouble.

    Many thanks for your help!

  57. DONG-HWA said,

    February 7, 2009 @ 3:55 am

    Crush “foo_metadb_display_hook” with “foo_chronflow.dll”.

    Please fix bug

    Illegal operation:
    Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 02141251h
    Access violation, operation: read, address: 00000190h
    Call path:
    Code bytes (02141251h):
    02141211h: 75 10 8B 01 FF 75 0C FF 75 08 FF 77 04 FF 50 0C
    02141221h: 84 C0 74 D0 8B 4D F0 E8 57 03 00 00 B0 01 E8 B4
    02141231h: 90 00 00 C2 10 00 8B 77 08 85 F6 74 37 FF 75 14
    02141241h: 8B 06 FF 75 10 8B 5F 04 FF 75 0C 8B CE FF 75 08
    02141251h: FF 10 39 77 08 74 03 89 77 08 3B 5F 04 74 03 89
    02141261h: 5F 04 84 C0 74 0E B3 01 8B 4D F0 E8 13 03 00 00
    02141271h: 8A C3 EB BA 8B 45 14 C6 00 00 32 DB EB EA 6A 0C
    02141281h: B8 59 B0 14 02 E8 BB 8F 00 00 8B F9 68 60 DA 14
    Stack (0437FCDCh):
    0437FCBCh: 7C947E3F 7C9AB178 7C947DE9 027B9E84
    0437FCCCh: 02837878 0000FFFF 7FFDF000 00266460
    0437FCDCh: 0437FD5C 029B26C0 0000000C 0437FD6B
    0437FCECh: 57C175BD 0437FDD8 0437FD6B 0000000C
    0437FCFCh: FFFFFFFF 00B5C580 018136C0 0437FDB8
    0437FD0Ch: 0214B059 00000000 029B26C0 00443B97
    0437FD1Ch: 0437FD5C 029B26C0 0000000C 0437FD6B
    0437FD2Ch: 0000000C 0437FF00 0437FD6C 0437FD6B
    0437FD3Ch: 00477C99 0437FD5C 029B26C0 0000000C
    0437FD4Ch: 0437FD6B 00000000 029AC848 00000003
    0437FD5Ch: 004E5914 0437FF00 005050CC 00000017
    0437FD6Ch: 0437FD8C 004793CF 0437FDA8 0437FF00
    0437FD7Ch: 029B2700 0437FF00 005050CC 009AC848
    0437FD8Ch: 0437FDC4 00478B55 0437FDA8 0437FF00
    0437FD9Ch: 028031A4 00B570A0 00000001 00000000
    0437FDACh: 0437FDD8 005050CC 00000000 0437FE54
    0437FDBCh: 004C3425 00000001 0437FE14 0044449B
    0437FDCCh: 0437FDD8 0437FF00 00000000 004E20CC
    0437FDDCh: 0437FDF8 02151350 0437FDE8 004E20BC
    0437FDECh: 00B570B8 00B570F8 005050EC 004E21C8
    EAX: 00000190, EBX: 00B56950, ECX: 0013E870, EDX: 001AECA0
    ESI: 0013E870, EDI: 02151350, EBP: 0437FD14, ESP: 0437FCDC
    Crash location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h

    Loaded modules:
    foobar2000 loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    ntdll loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    kernel32 loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    COMCTL32 loaded at 77160000h – 77263000h
    msvcrt loaded at 77BC0000h – 77C18000h
    ADVAPI32 loaded at 77F50000h – 77FF8000h
    RPCRT4 loaded at 77D80000h – 77E12000h
    Secur32 loaded at 77EF0000h – 77F01000h
    GDI32 loaded at 77E20000h – 77E69000h
    USER32 loaded at 77CF0000h – 77D80000h
    SHLWAPI loaded at 77E70000h – 77EE6000h
    SHELL32 loaded at 7D5A0000h – 7E10D000h
    ole32 loaded at 76970000h – 76AAD000h
    shared loaded at 10000000h – 1002A000h
    UxTheme loaded at 5A480000h – 5A4B8000h
    COMDLG32 loaded at 76300000h – 76347000h
    IMM32 loaded at 762E0000h – 762FD000h
    LPK loaded at 62340000h – 62349000h
    USP10 loaded at 73F80000h – 73FEB000h
    wbsys loaded at 66500000h – 6650A000h
    wblind loaded at 66000000h – 66095000h
    WINMM loaded at 76AF0000h – 76B1B000h
    msimg32 loaded at 762D0000h – 762D5000h
    wbhelp loaded at 66600000h – 66617000h
    MSCTF loaded at 74660000h – 746AC000h
    StylerHelper loaded at 00F80000h – 00F8E000h
    MFC42 loaded at 73D10000h – 73E0E000h
    MFC42LOC loaded at 61300000h – 6130D000h
    apphelp loaded at 76D90000h – 76DB2000h
    msctfime loaded at 75110000h – 7513E000h
    imekr61 loaded at 4B540000h – 4B55A000h
    foo_ui_columns loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    gdiplus loaded at 4B230000h – 4B3D6000h
    foo_input_monkey loaded at 01110000h – 01155000h
    foo_uie_wmpvis loaded at 01180000h – 011A6000h
    foo_ui_std loaded at 011D0000h – 012A4000h
    foo_ui_panels loaded at 012D0000h – 01397000h
    foo_bubble_coverflow loaded at 014E0000h – 01569000h
    OPENGL32 loaded at 5E630000h – 5E6FC000h
    GLU32 loaded at 68F90000h – 68FB0000h
    DDRAW loaded at 736B0000h – 736FB000h
    DCIMAN32 loaded at 73B10000h – 73B16000h
    foo_abx loaded at 01590000h – 015C1000h
    foo_rgscan loaded at 015F0000h – 0164B000h
    foo_uie_lyrics loaded at 01670000h – 016CD000h
    WININET loaded at 76660000h – 76707000h
    CRYPT32 loaded at 765C0000h – 76654000h
    MSASN1 loaded at 77C40000h – 77C52000h
    OLEAUT32 loaded at 770D0000h – 7715B000h
    foo_uie_trackinfo loaded at 016F0000h – 01715000h
    foo_menu_addons loaded at 01740000h – 0177C000h
    foo_playlist_tree loaded at 017B0000h – 01826000h
    libmzsch360_000 loaded at 10400000h – 105D0000h
    WSOCK32 loaded at 71A00000h – 71A0B000h
    WS2_32 loaded at 719E0000h – 719F7000h
    WS2HELP loaded at 719D0000h – 719D8000h
    libmzgc360_000 loaded at 01850000h – 018F4000h
    foo_playcount loaded at 01980000h – 019AA000h
    foo_uie_graphical_browser loaded at 019D0000h – 01A64000h
    foo_cdda loaded at 01A80000h – 01AC0000h
    foo_uie_playlists_dropdown loaded at 01AE0000h – 01B1C000h
    foo_uie_peakmeter loaded at 01B40000h – 01B73000h
    foo_alsong_lyric loaded at 01BA0000h – 01C22000h
    IPHLPAPI loaded at 76D10000h – 76D29000h
    foo_infobox loaded at 01C50000h – 01C90000h
    foo_browser loaded at 01CB0000h – 01CE9000h
    foo_playlist_manager loaded at 01D10000h – 01D54000h
    foo_uie_albumlist loaded at 01D80000h – 01DBD000h
    foo_uie_quicksearch loaded at 01DE0000h – 01E26000h
    foo_cwb_hooks loaded at 01E50000h – 01E9C000h
    foo_fileops loaded at 01EC0000h – 01F06000h
    foo_uie_explorer loaded at 01F30000h – 01F7E000h
    CLBCATQ loaded at 76F80000h – 76FFF000h
    COMRes loaded at 77000000h – 770A7000h
    VERSION loaded at 77BB0000h – 77BB8000h
    foo_uie_elplaylist loaded at 01FB0000h – 02019000h
    foo_mouse_gesture loaded at 02040000h – 02069000h
    foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum loaded at 02090000h – 020CD000h
    foo_unpack loaded at 020F0000h – 0211D000h
    foo_metadb_display_hook loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    foo_func loaded at 02180000h – 021C2000h
    foo_input_tta loaded at 021E0000h – 0220B000h
    foo_uie_powerpanels loaded at 02230000h – 02253000h
    foo_freedb2 loaded at 02280000h – 022C1000h
    foo_dsp_std loaded at 022F0000h – 02338000h
    foo_albumlist loaded at 02360000h – 023CB000h
    foo_input_tak loaded at 023F0000h – 02433000h
    tak_deco_lib loaded at 02450000h – 0246F000h
    foo_input_std loaded at 02590000h – 026CF000h
    foo_converter loaded at 026F0000h – 0275C000h
    foo_chronflow loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    xpsp2res loaded at 03380000h – 038DB000h
    vlmshlp loaded at 04260000h – 04267000h
    nvoglnt loaded at 69500000h – 69B6E000h
    DSOUND loaded at 73E50000h – 73EAC000h
    WINTRUST loaded at 76BE0000h – 76C0E000h
    IMAGEHLP loaded at 76C40000h – 76C68000h
    wdmaud loaded at 72C70000h – 72C79000h
    msacm32 loaded at 72C60000h – 72C68000h
    MSACM32 loaded at 77B90000h – 77BA5000h
    midimap loaded at 77B80000h – 77B87000h
    KsUser loaded at 73E20000h – 73E24000h
    mswsock loaded at 71980000h – 719BF000h
    DNSAPI loaded at 76ED0000h – 76EF7000h
    winrnr loaded at 76F60000h – 76F68000h
    WLDAP32 loaded at 76F10000h – 76F3C000h
    rasadhlp loaded at 76F70000h – 76F76000h
    hnetcfg loaded at 65CB0000h – 65D06000h
    wshtcpip loaded at 719C0000h – 719C8000h
    DBGHELP loaded at 58DE0000h – 58E81000h

    Stack dump analysis:
    Address: 018136C0h, location: “foo_playlist_tree”, loaded at 017B0000h – 01826000h
    Address: 0214B059h, location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    Address: 00443B97h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 00477C99h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004E5914h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 005050CCh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004793CFh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 005050CCh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 00478B55h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 005050CCh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004C3425h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 0044449Bh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004E20CCh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 02151350h, location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    Address: 004E20BCh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 005050ECh, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004E21C8h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 00444403h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 02151350h, location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    Address: 027D4C90h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 004445A2h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 02151350h, location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    Address: 027D4C90h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 0050815Ch, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 004C2608h, location: “foobar2000″, loaded at 00400000h – 0053B000h
    Address: 0278C967h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 02151350h, location: “foo_metadb_display_hook”, loaded at 02140000h – 02157000h
    Address: 027D4C90h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C931000h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlEnterCriticalSection” (+00000000h)
    Address: 027B5058h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 027955C4h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C931000h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlEnterCriticalSection” (+00000000h)
    Address: 7C80A0A7h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “SetEvent” (+00000000h)
    Address: 6971B82Bh, location: “nvoglnt”, loaded at 69500000h – 69B6E000h
    Symbol: “DllMain” (+0011330Bh)
    Address: 0278AFD9h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 69614A9Bh, location: “nvoglnt”, loaded at 69500000h – 69B6E000h
    Symbol: “DllMain” (+0000C57Bh)
    Address: 0278AF5Fh, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 0279550Bh, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 027C0A1Ch, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C80A000h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “GetUserDefaultLCID” (+00000060h)
    Address: 027BE034h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 5E632F14h, location: “OPENGL32″, loaded at 5E630000h – 5E6FC000h
    Symbol: “glMatrixMode” (+00000000h)
    Address: 02795A61h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C931000h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlEnterCriticalSection” (+00000000h)
    Address: 027B6018h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 0279642Ah, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C802530h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “WaitForSingleObject” (+00000000h)
    Address: 7C80A0A7h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “SetEvent” (+00000000h)
    Address: 0279635Fh, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 0153C8D0h, location: “foo_bubble_coverflow”, loaded at 014E0000h – 01569000h
    Symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+00028220h)
    Address: 7C9457A1h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlHashUnicodeString” (+00000164h)
    Address: 02796889h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 027A37FBh, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 0153C8D0h, location: “foo_bubble_coverflow”, loaded at 014E0000h – 01569000h
    Symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+00028220h)
    Address: 7C9457A1h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlHashUnicodeString” (+00000164h)
    Address: 027A52B0h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 027A38A0h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 7C9457A1h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlHashUnicodeString” (+00000164h)
    Address: 7C80B713h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “GetModuleFileNameA” (+000001B4h)
    Address: 0153C8D0h, location: “foo_bubble_coverflow”, loaded at 014E0000h – 01569000h
    Symbol: “foobar2000_get_interface” (+00028220h)
    Address: 7C9457A1h, location: “ntdll”, loaded at 7C930000h – 7C9CB000h
    Symbol: “RtlHashUnicodeString” (+00000164h)
    Address: 7C839AC0h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “ValidateLocale” (+000002B0h)
    Address: 7C80B720h, location: “kernel32″, loaded at 7C800000h – 7C930000h
    Symbol: “GetModuleFileNameA” (+000001C1h)
    Address: 027A3821h, location: “foo_chronflow”, loaded at 02780000h – 027E1000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h
    Address: 01000004h, location: “foo_ui_columns”, loaded at 00FA0000h – 010DB000h

    Version info:
    foobar2000 v0.9.6.2
    Windows 5.1

    Additional info:
    ELPlaylist (foo_uie_elplaylist)
    cwbowron’s title format hooks 1.2.6 [Jan 2 2008 - 15:50:05] (foo_cwb_hooks)
    Graphical Browser rev015 (foo_uie_graphical_browser)
    foo_func 0.1.1 (foo_func)
    Tagger Panel Window 1.0.6 [Jan 2 2008 - 15:50:49] (foo_cwb_hooks)
    Seek Panel 0.1 (foo_uie_powerpanels)
    Playlist Tree Panel 3.0.5 [Feb 18 2008 - 08:29:56] (foo_playlist_tree)
    Quick Search Toolbar 2.8l (foo_uie_quicksearch)
    Cover Flow 0.19 (foo_bubble_coverflow)
    foobar2000 core (Core)
    ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.8 (foo_rgscan)
    freedb Tagger 0.6.1 (foo_freedb2)
    mouse gesture host 0.4.1 (foo_mouse_gesture)
    Chronial’s Coverflow 0.3.0 (foo_chronflow)
    Playlist Manager 1.0.2 (foo_playlist_manager)
    Music Browser 1.2.3b [Mar 23 2007 - 16:52:56] (foo_browser)
    Lyric Show Panel [Dec 12 2008 - 17:39:01] (foo_uie_lyrics)
    TAK Decoder 0.4.2 (foo_input_tak)
    metadb_display_hook 0.1.6 (SSE) (foo_metadb_display_hook)
    Album List 4.3 (foo_albumlist)
    Menu Addons 0.4.1 (SSE) (foo_menu_addons)
    RAR reader 1.1 (foo_unpack)
    Album list panel 0.3.3 (foo_uie_albumlist)
    Alsong lyric plugin 0.1.0 (foo_alsong_lyric)
    Special file info box 2.0.4 (foo_infobox)
    TTA Audio Decoder (unofficial) 2.4.2 (foo_input_tta)
    Monkey’s Audio Decoder 2.1.3 (foo_input_monkey)
    File Operations 2.1.1 (foo_fileops)
    Standard Input Array 1.0 (foo_input_std)
    Volume Panel 0.1 (foo_uie_powerpanels)
    Playback Statistics 2.1.7 (foo_playcount)
    Explorer Tree 1.04.7b (foo_uie_explorer)
    ABX Comparator 1.3.3 (foo_abx)
    WMP Visualizations 0.1.3 (SSE) (foo_uie_wmpvis)
    Channel Spectrum panel 0.17.2 (foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum)
    Track info panel 0.8 (foo_uie_trackinfo)
    Panels UI 0.14.12 beta [Jul 18 2007 - 13:39:30] (foo_ui_panels)
    ZIP/GZIP reader 1.0 (foo_unpack)
    Columns UI (foo_ui_columns)
    CD Audio Decoder 2.1.4 (foo_cdda)
    Playlists Dropdown 0.7 beta 1 (foo_uie_playlists_dropdown)
    Peakmeter Panel beta (foo_uie_peakmeter)
    Default User Interface 0.9.5 (foo_ui_std)
    Standard DSP Array 1.0 (foo_dsp_std)
    Converter 1.2 (foo_converter)

  58. Alex said,

    February 3, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

    Please fix the bugs on foo_input_mslive

  59. Valeron said,

    January 31, 2009 @ 9:38 pm

    Hi, I’ve got trouble with your latest masstagger addon. My setup is foobar2k masstagger 1.7.1+ masstagger addon 0.3.4. When invoke the Codepage conversion function with “Add” button, a fatal error occur and crash fb2k. My system show up and error log and I paste part of it here.
    “Illegal operation:
    Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 7C8189D3h
    Access violation, operation: read, address: 01ED4B9Ah
    Call path:
    Code bytes (7C8189D3h):
    7C818993h: 64 A1 18 00 00 00 8B 40 30 6A 24 6A 08 FF 70 18
    7C8189A3h: FF 15 0C 10 80 7C 8B F0 33 DB 3B F3 0F 84 21 53
    7C8189B3h: 03 00 39 5D 14 8B 45 08 57 8B 7D 0C 89 06 89 5E
    7C8189C3h: 04 0F 85 14 53 03 00 66 8B 07 0F B7 C8 8D 0C 4F
    7C8189D3h: 66 8B 11 83 C1 02 66 03 D0 89 4E 0C 8D 47 02 81
    7C8189E3h: C1 00 02 00 00 89 46 08 66 39 19 75 79 83 C1 02
    7C8189F3h: 89 4E 14 8B C1 66 39 18 0F 87 08 53 03 00 0F B7
    7C818A03h: C2 8D 44 47 02 89 46 1C 8B 45 08 33 D2 B9 C5 00
    Stack (0012F020h):
    0012F000h: 00001716 00FCD06C 00FCD204 00FCD180
    0012F010h: 7C92D950 00FCD0C0 00FCD07C 7C92F63C
    0012F020h: 00000000 00000000 00002710 0012F0F4
    0012F030h: 7C839A75 00002710 01EC0000 0012F114
    0012F040h: 00000000 77D2927B 00000258 00000000
    0012F050h: 7C885360 002E002C 0012F070 0012F114
    0012F060h: 77D2927B 00000000 01EC0000 00000168
    0012F070h: 004E005C 0053004C 004E005C 0073006C
    0012F080h: 00650053 00740063 006F0069 0043006E
    0012F090h: 00310050 00300030 00300030 00FA0000
    0012F0A0h: 00F965C4 0000000A 00000000 000003E8
    0012F0B0h: 00000000 0012F37C 00000014 0012F3D4″

  60. NaRDiS said,

    January 22, 2009 @ 11:08 pm

    I can hear the music by now.
    Many thanks mate.

  61. grubber said,

    January 19, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

    Thanks a lot, mate!! foo_input_mslive solved huge problem for me! Thanks a lot!

  62. Dong Hwa said,

    January 18, 2009 @ 4:12 am

    Sorry, I did bad mistake.

    Please delete under comment

    See Ya

  63. ole said,

    January 15, 2009 @ 7:46 am

    I have Foobar2000.Plus!.v0.8.3.Build.201.Final on Vista 32 bit.
    I’ve added foo_masstag_addons and I’m getting
    “the application has failed to start because shared.dll was not found. …’

    I have Visual Studio 2008 installed and downloaded libmmd.dll and placed it in foobar2000 directory.

    Any help?

    Thank you!

  64. reto said,

    January 14, 2009 @ 11:29 pm

    Another big thank you for foo_input_mslive! Works like charm.

  65. cM said,

    January 14, 2009 @ 5:07 am

    i install (0.3.4) and im using Foobar2k v 0.9.1. when i right click my songs it doesn’t have the option menu of Masstag or something. Please help me.

  66. lantern said,

    January 4, 2009 @ 8:31 pm

    wine /mnt/E/Program\ Files/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe
    err:module:import_dll Library WMVCore.DLL (which is needed by L”E:\\Program Files\\foobar2000\\components\\foo_input_mslive.dll”) not found

  67. rev said,

    December 19, 2008 @ 6:11 am

    Is foo_input_mslive capable of displaying the actual track titles for what it is streaming?

  68. lessless said,

    December 17, 2008 @ 2:25 am

    but where is link to libmmd.dll ?

  69. Anders Holmberg said,

    November 24, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    Hi! I have another question on the reverse module. imput_reverse. You can select to reverse only or to revers and play. But how to reverse only? Should this save the reverse thing as a file or am i missing somethinghere? Also does tis revers only thing means you can save a stream as a reversed file and then reverse it back with some sound editor? /Anders.

  70. lantern said,

    November 21, 2008 @ 11:24 pm


  71. Acropolis said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

    the problem is inside that asx file. the ref link string is invalid, wmp tolerates it, but mslive doesn’t.
    you need to save and modify the file if you want to play that.

  72. Anders Holmberg said,

    November 17, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

    Have the latest mslive but this one can’t be opened. “” WIndows media player can open it so i am really confused. /ANders.

  73. learn said,

    November 11, 2008 @ 10:44 am


  74. Acropolis said,

    November 10, 2008 @ 8:37 pm


  75. learn said,

    November 10, 2008 @ 7:19 pm

    使用 (0.3.4)的问题

    在Masstagger中Addon转换代码页设置正确,预览窗口output preview显示了正确的文字,但点run后,播放列表更新后还是乱码,不知这是不是bug, 想找foo_masstag_addons较旧的版本试试,但找不到。


  76. Willis said,

    November 9, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

    foo_input_mslive 0.4.8 fixed the seekbar problem. Awesome job! thanks.

  77. John said,

    October 26, 2008 @ 9:40 pm

    hi, the radio mms:// and mms:// work 1 minute aprox and say load buffer and no load any more.


  78. amip said,

    October 13, 2008 @ 4:19 am

    There is one request.
    Do you know AMIP2? there is Very fantastic visualation
    name is CoR’s Arota……
    I’d like to use this very much in foobar. (just like foo_uie_wmpvis.dll)^^
    plz make this……

  79. roman said,

    October 7, 2008 @ 8:42 pm

    Hi. I’m a Foo2k 0956 newbie user. I’d like Foo to slow down the playback speed of songs. Should I download Soundtouch? If so, where? Thanks a lot.

  80. scongommede said,

    October 4, 2008 @ 2:27 am

    Do you have secrets? ;)
    pls write me

  81. zercackirrede said,

    October 3, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

    tell me pls

  82. Vanjezi said,

    October 3, 2008 @ 1:36 am

    Bro is it possible to run MSLive on 9.4.5 ?

  83. Odyssey said,

    October 1, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

    You could save the playlists in m3u, or just upgrade foobar with the playlists loaded.

    Regarding crash – That you player crashes on buggy 3rd party components isn’t really foobar’s fault, like it’s not Windows fault eigher. Blame the right people, and next time try to remember WHICH component fails.

    I’m sure the wizard is there somewhere, and it probably just loads the first time you run foobar. May I suggest you use your eyes in the preferences and click the GIANT “QuickSetup” button and stop whining please?

    Moving buttons? Try to press “Customize Buttons” on rightliclick.


  84. Czeslaw said,

    October 1, 2008 @ 8:23 am


    I use foobar
    What I should do if i want open in foobar asx files? I download mslive plugin, but when i try open some asx files i see: Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported file format). Should I dwonload one more plugin ?

    Please help me :)

  85. Acropolis said,

    September 30, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

    asx without duration specified cannot be seeked, even the underlying stream is seekable.
    however, the asx you provided does have that, so I consider it as a bug, will be fixed in the next version.

  86. Willis said,

    September 30, 2008 @ 1:45 pm


    Thanks for the making the foo_input_mslive plugin. I have a question tho. It seems asx is not seekable even if the underlying asf is. Here is an example link:

    The seekbar is disabled during playing. But if I copy&paste the ref asf, it can be played and seeked just fine.

    Can this be fixed? Thanks!

  87. Chris Dillon said,

    September 28, 2008 @ 1:43 pm

    foo_input_mslive works brilliantly. thanks for an excellent plug in!

  88. Acropolis said,

    September 27, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

    ok, done
    btw, it’s a nice station, I like it.

  89. Zooliat said,

    September 26, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

    Hi, there it is:

    When playing in WMP:

    Anyway, i manually edited the asx file and extracted the mms link. But if is not much trouble please do it, it would be nice to have the station’s name in foobar (now appears the whole link). Thats because this website has alot of radio stations

    EN version:

    Thanks again ;)

  90. Acropolis said,

    September 22, 2008 @ 7:57 pm

    post a sample asx link here, I may fix it on weekend or later.

  91. Zooliat said,

    September 22, 2008 @ 3:08 pm

    Hey man, thanks alot for mslive plugin! Since i’ve found foobar i was looking for that, i also upset some tight asses @ H.A. asking for this kind of extension (sorry i’ve read u too). Anyway.. the plugin doesnn’t parse some URLs, especially the ones from the radio (VERY good and diverse music). They include the “html view” in the asx playlists.. can you make this to just ignore that html and use only the title and the streaming ? Thanks again for this wonderful plugin.


  92. Acropolis said,

    September 3, 2008 @ 7:22 am

    google foobar version, that’s all I comment about.

  93. Oh Well said,

    September 3, 2008 @ 7:00 am

    OK i appraised v9.5.5 again its not like winamp, and hope it never becomes that bloated pig player. Sorry for previous outburst, if anyone noticed one…

    Sure v9.5.5 has many nicer additions. i spoke out to soon. Please i do need Foo_DTS for v9.4.4 until present foobar bugs are gone.

    Present foobar bugs i list here for you to submit them. I would put them on the forum but it is a wait and needs to be submitted. I’m not a forum member there.

    Playlist from v9.4.4 will not load into v9.5.5 (have many playlist from v9.4.4 none load in)

    After instal v9.5.5 i had foobar gui, some wizard thingy !! and an error message of some componment problem. I closed foobar to fix componment proble, Run foobar again no wizard gui. So i know i’m missing the new look as in pictures, not know where to get them.

    Play controls how to move them on the control bar. I can move vol, visulation and track bar but not play buttons.

    I would not have installed it if it said beta version. But it didn’t say beta, although it seems to be very much a beta build with bugs. Nothing on the main foobar page about these problems either.

    Sorry for you to be the messenger, though bugs are better squahes no matter who reports them.

    Now you see why i’m just a little upset, or more. I’m sure there will be more bugs in v9.5.5 and will take a while to get rid of them.

    Is the reason i need your excellent Foo_DTS.dll the best and on;y working foobar dts componment to date. At last i can hear DTS quality in foobar (my pc audio player). Foo_DTS v1.4 able to load into foobar v9.4.4 PLEASE.

    Will look back frequently, such as later today. :o )

  94. Foobar v9.5.5 pissed off user said,

    September 3, 2008 @ 6:23 am

    I just installed foobar v9.5.5 what a load of crap.

    Can it load a playlist from v9.4.4 NOPE

    Do i want to use 9.5.5 NOPE

    DO i want your foo_dts 1.4 or > working on foobar 9.4.4 YES ASAP PLEASE

    I will not be updating foobar ever again it has gone the wrong direction. It was never meant to be winamp. That was the reason foobar was born, i see it going like winamp.

    Anyway v9.4.4 can play DTS but needs you componment for fuull intregration playback any WAV DTS file. I looked for your v1.3 not found. But would rather have v1.4 or greater useable in foobar v9.4.4.

    BTW why did you impose the foo_dts.dll v1.4 only to be useable with v9.5.5. Would it not be useable in many foobar v9 versions ?

    Please make your foo_dts capable now and for as long as possible to work with foobar v9.4.4


  95. ercin said,

    August 20, 2008 @ 6:26 pm

    thanks for your great work,
    someof the radios i listen to are mms radios, and some of the radios shown as mms://84…….. in playlist and the title turns into its first state after changing/stopping the radio., is it possible assign our own title to the mms radios. otherwise the list seems too unorganised, hard to ffind the radio i want to listen. (except the ones that have own titles default)

    or is there a way to assign title to the radios somehow from playlist?

  96. foo_fan said,

    August 18, 2008 @ 10:48 am

    THANKS Acropolis :)

  97. AlexM said,

    August 17, 2008 @ 6:26 am

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  98. Acropolis said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

    you can’t at the moment, whenever changes to the main menu items will also affect the context menu.

  99. Squeller said,

    July 20, 2008 @ 9:30 pm


    I think it’s foo_menu_addons which always adds the main menu commands at the bottom of the context menu. How can I get rid of this? It’s added again and again…


  100. Raeven said,

    July 14, 2008 @ 4:32 pm

    Thank you very much for the mslive component!
    No I’m no longer stuck with WMP!

  101. matrics said,

    July 12, 2008 @ 12:12 pm


  102. Acropolis said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 8:55 pm

    现在的 mslive 在 source switching 后实际上就是继续自动播放

  103. matrics said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

    那么,有没有可能下一版本的mslive在source switching后继续自动播放呢?–现在需要再次选择播放,不很方便。

  104. Acropolis said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

    source switching 就是一档节目结束后的继续, 是正常的.
    估计你播放的电台是一直播歌的, 每首歌后都会做一次source switching.

  105. matrics said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 1:14 pm

    foo_input_mslive装入后可以收听在线电台,但每一档节目结束后不再继续,跳出窗口“source switching”。望告知如何解决。

  106. OAKside said,

    July 8, 2008 @ 4:10 am

    Thanks for the crossfader update, Acropolis! Just in time for f2k’s built-in crossfader/skip silencer, heh. May the best one win (my DSP slot).

  107. Acropolis said,

    June 29, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

    for the question about foo_uie_wmpvis, please check my release log in HA about the supported WMP versions, otherwise only “alchemy ” will be listed, and I hardly update the component anyway (I don’t use it, btw).

    and regarding to crossfader, since currently I’m being away, I’ll see what I can do after I’m back, probably next week.

  108. Squeller said,

    June 24, 2008 @ 3:02 pm

    Hi Acropolis,

    your TAGZ-code from the crossfader doesn’t work any more with the latest beta, for well known reasons. Would you maybe think about adding an options page for your plugin, just like foo_rg_trn has ( ), in order to make crossfading dependent on the playback order? Would be a good improvement.


  109. Kernel said,

    June 22, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

    Hi Acropolis! VERY BIG THANKS for supporting us good plugins for foobar, but i want to know why does foo_uie_wmpvis version 0.1.3 support only “alchemy random” and not support my the most lovest “scope”? And menu-button “config” isnt working =`( I have intel p4 , win xp build 2600 sp2, foobar v0.9.5 with Columns UI

  110. john said,

    June 20, 2008 @ 9:58 am

    Dude, how can I listen to this stream with foobar?


  111. KK said,

    June 9, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

    抱歉需要问一个很简单的问题. 我在找最新的Masstagger, 在pelit.koillismaa.fi搜索之后跟着链接过来了. 之前我用的是foo_masstag.dll(1.6), 插件信息就只有一个名称显示为”Masstagger”, 完全没有其它细节. 因为时间太久我也没印象了, 不知是否就和你的插件是同一个?

    安装了最近的foo_masstag_addons之后, 不知为何fb2k0.9.5.3中没有任何显示. 我试着移除了另一个masstag插件, 可惜还是出现同样的问题. 顺便说一下, 我的电脑使用的是Pentium4, 所以是支持SSE的.

  112. Cheatz said,

    June 6, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

    Where is libmmd.dll?
    Link not there anymore.

  113. Walter said,

    June 6, 2008 @ 1:04 pm

    I was initially able to reproduce the crash (See topic post “Crash location: “foo_uie_wmpvis”, loaded at 098F0000h – 09918000h”) but on restart after removing plugin (keeping settings) disabling panel display and restarting it seems to work again.

  114. Walter said,

    June 6, 2008 @ 10:37 am

    I posted this today:
    “When I tried this out with G-Force I was shocked to see it worked! shock1.gif laugh.gif
    Cheers to this plugin for getting G-Force embedded in foobar2000! beer.gif
    Some issues, though. I’m using panelsUI 14.9 on foobar2000 ohmy.gif
    The Visualizations don’t appear to be responding to the music at all. Is there a preferences page to adjust this? Does it have to be configured in WMP at all?
    The Config option in the context menu appears to do nothing.
    When in foobar2000′s preferences selecting some pages resets the visualization (e.g. in G-Force it brings up the startup image).
    Most button actions seems to make the panel disappear and reappear (although not resetting it).

    If you decide to continue developing this component, I hope you update it to work in properly before going to″

    If you need someone to update your component topics with any info/updates I could make a post for you (except foo_dsp_crossfader… for now…)

  115. Leak said,

    June 6, 2008 @ 3:41 am

    At least here that doesn’t happen, actually. Still, an update to shut that foobar warning up would be nice…

  116. pokecapn said,

    June 4, 2008 @ 12:13 pm

    to be fair, foo_dsp_crossfader IS working incorrectly in foobar When playback stops either from getting to the end of a playlist or by choosing “stop after current”, it crashes.

  117. Leak said,

    June 2, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

    Without getting into a debate over Peter – that message in is shown for all plugins that using the deprecated title formatting API; it’s not aimed at foo_dsp_crossfader in general…

  118. dhry said,

    May 31, 2008 @ 8:28 am

    Foobar final complains about needing to update foo_dsp_crossfader and that it may work partially or incorrectly. Whether or not the author is a cornhole and deliberately/childishly checking for the existence of your plugin without any factual basis for this cautionary dialog, do you think you might be able to write a newer version than which gets around this message please? Far as I’m concerned, anyone can write any plugin they like, ‘undocumented API call” or not. Half the code on the C64 faked out the hardware and chips to create unique ‘undocumented’ functionality. I would totally support an unofficial board if the legit board moderators start getting a God complex about a free program like f2k.

  119. Odyssey said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

    We should create a unofficial foobar2000 board with enough room for developers. Would be great if even terrestrial showed up again ,)

  120. OAKside said,

    May 20, 2008 @ 3:22 am

    Acropolis, your foobar2000 crossfader has much love! Look forward to any improvements or updates.

  121. SergMarkov said,

    May 17, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

    Nice plugin. Unfortunately SSE plugin uses, old computers and processors from AMD (Duron), no support SSE
    he is not. How can we adapt the plugin on these machines?

  122. Squeller said,

    May 15, 2008 @ 8:54 pm

    By definition with such a topic you would receive another warning because of TOS#7 and your posting would get deleted. Additionally you can be set on mod review, i.e. your postings only see the daylight after a moderators review.

    You should complain at a super mod of your choice. I did. No matter what TOS7 says, it’s not alright to delete postings. And I don’t think it’s consensus to delete postings. Looks like someone wants to delete all evidence that a discussion has ever took place.

    But btw, the TOS7 is often applied wrongly, I think also in our case. The relevant part: “once the staff member has indicated that the matter is closed”.

    HA has a recycle bin.

  123. Buktore said,

    May 15, 2008 @ 8:00 pm


    Ha! so you also got “TOS 7″ warning too, ridiculous if you ask me.

    When I saw the thread got deleted I just like… WTF? and nearly put a topic to ask why, but after I saw that my warn level rise I thought.. “I mught get ban for this”

  124. Squeller said,

    May 15, 2008 @ 6:04 pm

    Hey Acropolis,

    you’ve probably seen the discussion about your ban at HA Site related discussions. The thread unfortunately disappeared. It’s even not in the recycle bin of the forum. This is the other end of the story. And I received the “universal” TOS7 warning. What a laugh. With fb2k, I’ll go “leech only” mode in future. Maybe development outside of HA forum is the better choice?

    Aren’t you attracted by this? :-) Much room for improvement when it comes to www streaming and fb2k …

    Best regards

  125. Acropolis said,

    May 14, 2008 @ 12:52 pm


    the reason why I’m banned is quite interesting in fact. I tell u in a few steps, it’s all about crossfader:

    1. I got warning by peter about using undocumented API for the output module, and been asked to remove that feature in 3 days or would be banned.
    2. I removed that the next day, released as with nothing about it mentioned in the change log, and PMed peter about the release (got no reply).
    3. until april, I’m suddenly banned.

    probably he didn’t realise I removed the violating code (but I did send him the PM after the release), but now he knows (from the discussion link you have given me), I’m still considered as ignoring the warning in the first place.

    that’s the end of the story.

    I’m not leaving the boat yet, but just not as enthusiastic as before.
    and I’m pretty satisfied because basically I have all the features needed now, so I will still update my components if needed and occasionally write new components.

    I will update it, maybe a few days later

    the component has been abandoned and I have lost it, sorry.

    no, it has been discussed long time ago in HA.

    ok, it’s not a major problem so I leave it first, and I have more time I will investigate it.

  126. Squeller said,

    May 14, 2008 @ 1:46 am

    Oh, really, I realized you were banned. I’m really interested why.

  127. Will said,

    May 12, 2008 @ 10:58 am

    Same here melomane. :(

  128. melomane said,

    May 11, 2008 @ 8:57 am

    with the latest version of foobar2000 (09.5.3 beta)
    i have got this error message:
    The following components are incompatible with this foobar2000 version and will function partially or incorrectly:
    – foo_dsp_crossfader.dll : Gapless Crossfader
    Please update these components to their latest versions if possible.
    do you think you want update the plugin?
    thank you

  129. Elleby said,

    May 6, 2008 @ 4:05 pm


    i read from wiki Foobar that Acropolis made a foo_uie_albumart_msn plugin, that visualizes the cover of the current album in the Msn avatar. In the list of plugin there isn’t anything with a name similar to foo_uie_albumart_msn. So Acropolis decide to change name to it, doesn’t work anymore on it or what?

    Thanks for the help.

  130. Alex said,

    May 4, 2008 @ 4:36 pm


    These plugins are awesome. I love soundtouch.

    Is there a way to have the soundtouch config dialogue open while at the same have give focus to the main foobar window? I want to change tracks and seek within tracks while at the same time having access to the soundtouch controls.

  131. Jalan said,

    May 2, 2008 @ 4:03 pm

    I didn’t realize you were banned at the HA forum, but I posted a question regarding foo_input_mslive, where I found that when trying to add any stream (example I provided – rtsp:// ) I am unable to see any track/artist information. I understand the possibility that some streams may simply not provide them at all but I have tried a few that display current track info properly in fb2k when I buffer them through the normal stream interface (i.e. not mslive). Any idea on what the issue might be?

  132. Acropolis said,

    April 29, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

    before, I used undocumented API to make manual track change crossfading very smooth (without a break), and I got a warning in HA for that, so I removed the code in to keep my HA account.

    but yesterday when I tried to login there, I found that I’m banned. so, to anwser your question, I don’t know what it means either.

  133. melomane said,

    April 29, 2008 @ 6:57 am

    hi, foo_dsp_crossfader is banned from hydrogenaudio
    Reason: Attempts to use undocumented APIs

    what is means?

  134. Asion said,

    April 16, 2008 @ 10:58 am

    哈哈 把你的插件给全抄了

  135. Acropolis said,

    April 14, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

    because it was built with intel compiler and static libraries.

  136. Eman said,

    April 12, 2008 @ 8:55 pm

    Bonjour Acropolis

    Merci for the updates!

    Why are the new builds of dts and input_mslive so much bigger?
    Both are blown up by around 300% compared to 2008-02-16?

    They now contain tons of strings like


  137. Acropolis said,

    April 11, 2008 @ 1:02 pm

    if you ever check the foobar wiki, you’ll see the usage description.

    anyway, I tell you.

    add location -> enter something like: rev://|c:\1.mp3|/
    will play the song reversed, and the syntax can be nested.

  138. ANders Holmberg said,

    April 10, 2008 @ 11:29 pm

    Hello! I ask it again and hope i get an answer this time. How do i use the foo_input_reverse plugin? THere is no need to use it if i don’t know how to. THere is no description at all. Sorry for beeing that angry but foobar has many features but an extremly small amount of help. And the crapy hudrogenaudio site has that crapy veryfication thing which blind people with screenreaders can use, makes me abit bitter! /Anders.

  139. Linus said,

    March 20, 2008 @ 7:11 pm

    Hello Acropolis,
    i want to use your crossfader plugin!

    when i put it into the components directory and start foobar it works fine!
    but at the second time when im starting foobar, it does not work anymore!

    i hope that you have an idea how to fix it :-)


    P.s. sry for my bad english ;-)

  140. Acropolis said,

    March 12, 2008 @ 4:33 am

    不上传了, 到foobarbase 或 的qq群找我.

  141. foo外星人 said,

    March 9, 2008 @ 7:18 pm

    我现在制作一个插件。需要之前的0.8 SDK。不知道你还有没有保留。

  142. ANders Holmberg said,

    March 7, 2008 @ 7:59 am

    Hello! Ho do i use the foo_input_reverse plugin? THe only setting is the lenght of disk threshold. And the description isn’t the best either. How do i use it? /Anders.

  143. ANders Holmberg said,

    March 6, 2008 @ 2:23 am

    Hello! I have a suggestion for the input mslive plugin. Real audio streaming support. By the way does anybody know how the winamp dsp bridge? I tryed to install a winamp dsp plugin but it just searches for a installed winamp, i rally don’t want to install winamp.

  144. ubuntu said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

    Thanks for your response Acropolis, I’ll have a go at installing WMP and see if that sorts it.

  145. Acropolis said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 8:26 am

    sorry I don’t know, I guess if you can get WMP installed, you can use it.

    should be fine now.

  146. evgenySw said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 12:55 am

    I’m trying to download the foo_input_mslive component but the link seems to point to a blank page.

    Thanks in advance

  147. ubuntu said,

    February 15, 2008 @ 7:56 pm

    Love your foo_input_mslive!

    Is there anyway to get this component to work using ubuntu/WINE?


  148. Xezzy said,

    February 15, 2008 @ 4:55 am

    where i can download massstag addons plz?

  149. Acropolis said,

    February 14, 2008 @ 6:52 pm

    read my last comment again to see how to input the the direct link in foobar2000.

    if you also want to open the link in foobar2000 directly from browser, you need to the set the application handler yourself, and it depends on different browser setting.

    for firefox, it’s in Tools -> Options -> Content -> Manage.

  150. Anders Homberg said,

    February 14, 2008 @ 6:38 pm

    Hello again! I was giving you the wrong mms url last tuesday, the right one should be: mms:// now i have created an asx file and it seem to work. THough i can not open it with foobar if i klick on their direct link on Is it possible to tell windows xp to don’t start this awful wmp? /Anders who is very thankful to Acropolis.

  151. Acropolis said,

    February 14, 2008 @ 2:29 am

    reinstall vc9 runtime libraries, and put the libmmd.dll to the correct place, read my post at the top again.

  152. Linus said,

    February 13, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

    6 posts above acropolis said a temporarly download adress! you could have read that ;-)

  153. eugene said,

    February 13, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

    I can’t download any of your plugins. It shows blank page when I follow the link.

  154. Linus said,

    February 13, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

    i wanted to use your mslive plugin! but whenever I’m starting foobar an error occures!
    it says that the dll couldn’t be loaded because the side-by-side configuration is not valid!
    (maybe it sound a little bit different because i have translated this from german into english ;-) )

    do you know what i can do?

  155. Acropolis said,

    February 13, 2008 @ 6:20 am

    it’s very simple, whenever you want to add a stream url or asx url for mslive, DO NOT use the “CTRL+U” one, unless you want to enter the mslive url syntax, like:

    instead, use the one provided by mslive, it is located at:
    main menu -> File -> mslive streams -> Add stream url

    btw, the “mms://” should work with the CTRL+U though, I couldn’t connect to it however.

  156. Anders Homberg said,

    February 13, 2008 @ 3:40 am

    Hello! This mslive plugin is really great. I really like it. But i have a question, how do you open a mslive stream withyout creating an .asx list or some other playlist? FOr example how do i open the following url: mms:// when i klick on that url it opens in wmp but i don’t want that and whan i pres ctrl+ u in foobar and past it it does not work but its working if you creat an asx file. /Anders.

  157. Linus said,

    February 12, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

    Thanks for the fast fix :-) !

  158. Hoschi said,

    February 12, 2008 @ 7:24 pm

    I’ve got also the not downloadable prob.
    I thought first that the proxy server causes the problem.

    Maybe on your web server was a new PHP version installed?
    I encountered similar probs on a known one.

    Thanks for the plugin!

  159. Acropolis said,

    February 12, 2008 @ 5:09 pm

    thanks for reporting.
    I don’t know why the same php script not working all the time now, I’ll wait for a few days to see how it goes.

    anyway, for the moment, those files are under:

    so the file you want is here:

  160. Linus said,

    February 12, 2008 @ 2:24 pm

    i cant download your foo_input_mslive plugin!

    i just get a blanked page if i’m klicking on it!

  161. ayanamist said,

    February 9, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

    can you just add /ML or /MT switch to link the header files into the executable file so that no more runtime library files are needed. maybe this may increase file size a little but can be more portable.

  162. cameos said,

    February 8, 2008 @ 6:57 am

    > Acropolis said,

    > February 7, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    > 你有你的道理, 但是为了一点小功能而重新写一个出来实在是有点儿…, 而且masstagger > addons里边已经可以作编码的转换, 所以也不是急的.

    > 我不完全拒绝你的建议, 而且我也有messer的源码, 有空的话我会写或移植个出来的,


    其次,我个人认为这个功能对东方语言用户非常重要,因为就我的经验来看现在中文唱片从 freedb2 里面拿到的 90+% 都是乱码,已经使 freedb tagger 基本不可用了(因此至今我还保持着一个系统用 0.8.3 )。

  163. Acropolis said,

    February 8, 2008 @ 5:52 am

    这不是标准asx档, 你把其中的3.0改成”3.0″就可以播放了

  164. Ayu_Tsukimiya said,

    February 7, 2008 @ 11:04 pm



  165. Acropolis said,

    February 7, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    你有你的道理, 但是为了一点小功能而重新写一个出来实在是有点儿…, 而且masstagger addons里边已经可以作编码的转换, 所以也不是急的.

    我不完全拒绝你的建议, 而且我也有messer的源码, 有空的话我会写或移植个出来的,

  166. cameos said,

    February 7, 2008 @ 8:06 am

    0.8.3 版的是 messer 写的,0.9 的是 fossion 写的。foosion 版集成到官方发布版里了,导致 messer 版被驱逐了。但是这个 foosion 拒绝建议,认为 freedb 应该修改错误数据,而不是 tagger 纠错。

    为什么没有必要写一个新的包括 CP 转换的 freedb tagger?如果新的出来,我一定会把 foosion 版扔掉,并去 fb2k forum 建议从官方版本中去掉。我想应该不止我一个人会这样做吧?

  167. Acropolis said,

    February 6, 2008 @ 9:10 am

    我知道, 但请先搞清楚freedb tagger不是我写的

    0.8.3 版的有那个功能是该作者的设计, 我也不知道为什么他将这个功能拿走.

    因为freedb tagger本身不提供程序接口, 我不可能加上这个功能, 除非我自己写一个freedb tagger出来, 但很明显没有这个必要.

  168. cameos said,

    February 6, 2008 @ 7:56 am


    Acropolis,你是否考虑过把 Codepage conversion 整合到 freedb tagger 里面呢?因为很多情况下乱码是从 freedb 里面拿到的非 utf-8 导致的,如果在 freedb tagger 里面转换马上就可以看到御览效果,然后再决定是否要覆盖本地文件。

    foobar2000 0.8.3 原本带的那个 freedb tagger 其实很好很强大(可以选择实时 codepage 转换),foobar2000 0.9 带的这个新版本实在是很烂很暴力。

  169. Acropolis said,

    February 5, 2008 @ 11:20 am

    if you have no error dialogs at all and have the foo_masstag.dll there as well, I really have no clue why…sorry.

  170. Le Bakalite said,

    February 5, 2008 @ 10:58 am

    Hi Acropolis, and thanks for the work you’ve done.

    After installing previous package like badur said, i could get around the error message too.
    However, foo_masstag_addons does not add no new options in the masstagger. It’s as if it was not included in my component folder.
    Anyone with the same problem ?

    Le Bakalite

  171. Anders Homberg said,

    February 5, 2008 @ 6:31 am

    Hello! Now i am a happy guy. I have soved my problem with foobar2000 and the mms plugin. I just installed net framework 3.5 and that was all. If someone would have told me this i would have solved it much earlier but no hard feelings. Thanks for all help. /Anders.

  172. Seemsbaked said,

    February 3, 2008 @ 6:09 am

    Ooops nevermind I finally followed Badur’s link, downloaded 2005 SP1 and now it works perfectly! I feel stupid.

    Thanks anyway!


  173. Seemsbaked said,

    February 3, 2008 @ 6:01 am

    I forgot to add – it might just be a few missing registry values – are there any critical values involving .net or libmmd that soundtouch must have in order to run? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m not much of a computer person.


    - Seemsbaked

  174. Seemsbaked said,

    February 3, 2008 @ 5:57 am


    I’m a guitarist, and I’ve been using soundtouch everyday almost a year now. It’s the best plugin around! I recently switched to ubuntu linux (gutsy gibbon 7.10) and found that while Foobar and most of its plugins work perfectly (using the wine windows emulator), soundtouch will not load (“missing dependancies”). I have .net 2.0 and libmmd.dll installed. Have you had any experience running soundtouch on linux? I saw a screenshot of Fedora in one of your posts. Do you have any suggestions of what I might do to get it working? I’d love to be using this great little program again!

    - Seemsbaked

  175. fr0sty said,

    February 2, 2008 @ 3:20 am

    nice one badur works for me now, must be the reason why the plugins arnt working for some people. Acropolis you should add info about this at the top of the page.

  176. Acropolis said,

    February 1, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

    you are welcome to do so, I don’t object that.

    thanks for your report, that’s weird. as I just installed the vc9 runtime I can use all of my previously compiled components.
    anyway, I’ll see if I will get some more reports before modifying the instruction above.

  177. badur said,

    February 1, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

    It seems that the link above, pointing to the VC9 Runtime libraries now links to the VC 2008 redistributable package, which didn’t work for me in order to get around the error message:

    Failed to load DLL: foo_dsp_soundtouch.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    However, when I installed the 2005 SP1 package, your brilliant foobar2000 components worked perfectly.

  178. NoVA_j.5 said,

    February 1, 2008 @ 3:55 pm

    Hey Acropolis,
    Thanks for a great plugin in masstag_addons.
    I’m just leaving a comment here to let you know that I posted an article on my homepage to help other Korean fellows how to install & use the whole thing to convert the characters. Of course, I made it clear who the author is.

    Cheers, and keep it up!
    p.s. I made links to this and other pages related with the tool, but I’ll modify the post or delete the link if you wish so.
    Thanks again.

  179. dogs1985 said,

    January 17, 2008 @ 8:08 am

    干嘛我不能用你的 masstag 插件的?我是用 foobar 9.5 的。

  180. Anders Homberg said,

    January 15, 2008 @ 7:18 am

    Hello! Hmm, interesting. Maybe the windows media runtime should be installed in the foobar directory. Anyway i can’t get it to work no mater how i try. Libmmd is in the foobar maindirectory well strange. Other components works just great here. Well maybe its me who’s the failing-). /Anders.

  181. fr0sty said,

    January 13, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

    ok so it deffinatly uses SSE so whats up, i duno what to do!

    Specification AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+
    Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE

  182. Anders Homberg said,

    January 13, 2008 @ 2:28 am

    Hello! I have Windows media player 11 installed so it can’t be that but maybe. More details please. Here to get the runtime?

  183. fr0sty said,

    January 12, 2008 @ 3:38 pm

    hi, im trying to use foo_input_mslive.dll but i keep getting error :- Failed to load DLL: foo_input_mslive.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    so i installed vc9 runtime libraries and put libmmd.dll in system32 folder and in foobar dir. still not working

    ive got amd athlon xp 2400+, so what can i do now

  184. Acropolis said,

    January 12, 2008 @ 6:26 am

    if you put the libmmd.dll to the correct place and installed the vc runtime properly, and have the CPU that supports SSE, the only reason that it fails to load is that you don’t have windows media player 7+ installed (or at least, the WM runtime), please check.

  185. Anders Homberg said,

    January 12, 2008 @ 5:11 am

    MOre updates on my mslive problems.
    I get this failed to load component message. I have copied the libmmd.dll into the system32 directory and also installed the vcredistributalx86.exe runtime library. I have an amd sempron 3000+ mhz processor and i think it supports sse from what i have understood. Using winxp sp2. So what to do now? Please Acropolis please help me out. /Anders.

  186. kuy said,

    January 11, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

    Thank you for your advice and link to source code.
    Now I’m reading 0.8.3 source and learning DSP programming.
    And I also use SoundTouch library. ;)


  187. Acropolis said,

    January 10, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

    since I don’t have 64bit version of windows installed, I can’t really help you about this.
    but I still suggest you to post the crash log to the crossfader post in the HA forum to let me see if it is caused by something else, or someone else there can help you out.

  188. sakin said,

    January 10, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

    hi Acropolis, love your plugins, i recently upgraded computers, and am now using vista 64, rather than x86, and i noticed ur vc9 runtime is only for 86, i tried isntalling the equivalent 64, and the 86 version, the 86 version works, but consistently crashes after i close foobar, also there is stoppage randomly during trakcs, the error is “R6025 -pure function call” not sure what it means, but im not running any other dsp so im guessing its crossfader, thanks

  189. Anders Homberg said,

    January 9, 2008 @ 5:57 am

    Hello! Ok can you mail me and explain how to get the mslive plugin to work. THere are not the best instructions out there. I am a stupid guy you know so you have to be very detailed. /Anders.

  190. Francis said,

    January 8, 2008 @ 11:21 pm

    MassTag_Addon doesn’t seem to work with v0.9.5 even though VC / libmmd is there. Can somebody else confirm?

    It just shows up as:
    Failed to load DLL: foo_masstag_addons.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    Reinstalling does not fix this problem at the moment.

  191. Acropolis said,

    January 7, 2008 @ 2:32 am

    there’s no compatibility issue witht the new foobar.

    these two components also require wmp installed (the runtime in fact).
    I don’t know if it’s your cpu’s problem, but AMD64 cpu should have SSE.

    @Philip M:
    I have actually given up this component for ages, so I shouldn’t be bother to answer this.
    my projectm component is just a UIE version of foo_vis_projectm, so you should get that one working first as a check.
    while how to activate the UIE version depends on which UI you are using, so go to read the foobar wiki, it’s all the same for any foo_uie_xxxxx type of components.

    thanks for your interest, but I have no plan to release the source code.

    however, to help you learning how to develop dsp components, you still can find the soundtouch component source code for 0.8.3 version:

    and I believe you can still find the foo_dsp_crossfade source code for 0.8.3 somewhere on the internet.

  192. Philip M said,

    January 7, 2008 @ 12:03 am

    kuy u sound intelligent, answer my post, its directly before yours.

  193. kuy said,

    January 6, 2008 @ 4:33 pm

    Hi Acropolis
    Thank you for your pretty good components.
    I would like to build DJ system on foobar2000.
    However, I think it is difficult to use foo_dsp_soundtouch from other software or device.
    So I want to make the interface to control foo_dsp_soundtouch and learn DSP programming with your source codes.
    Could you send me your source codes of foo_dsp_soundtouch and foo_dsp_crossfader?
    email: yuki.kodama [at]


  194. Philip M said,

    January 5, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

    Hi, Sorry im going to sound like a complete idiot.

    I’ve used foobar .9.4 for sometime happily, decided to jazz it up a bit.

    Got the collum component and projectm component in the correct directory, both work.

    However, I understand projectm is for visualisations?

    Firstly and most importantly – I can’t find any new visualisations on my foobar.

    So at the moment this is useless for me!

    Just somebody help out an idiot?

    Secondly – If im completly off the mark and projectm is just a platform to then build your own visualisations into or use presets like Milkdrop, then I need help with how to use Milkdrop, I downloaded milkdrop and extracted into the default set “Preset directory” – /projectm/presets but I cant figure out how to activate it at all.

    Cheers guys

  195. Alexander said,

    January 4, 2008 @ 10:39 am

    Hello, I’ve installed vc9 runtime libraries, put libmmd.dll in the system32 directory. Then added two components – foo_input_wma.dll and foo_input_mslive.dll. Both of them won’t load (Failed to load DLL: foo_input_mslive.dll).

    Could it be because I have Athlon-64 2800+ (754 socket)? If so, can I try an older version of the plugin, if there is any. Thank you.

  196. Matthew said,

    January 3, 2008 @ 9:56 am

    Hi, I downloaded skip_silence, libmmd.dll, and the vc9 runtime but foobar2000 still will not load skip silence. I have Foobar2000 v9.5. Is this an incompatibility with the newest foobar? Thank you!

  197. PATRICK said,

    January 2, 2008 @ 9:55 am

    I finally went through the comments and your response, and add foo_masstag.dll. It works. Thanks for your effort and keep it up.

  198. PATRICK said,

    January 1, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

    I have problem showing Chinese and presumably they are either compiled using Big 5 or GB code which is not decoded by 0.9.5 version. I tried installing your foo_masstag_addons.dll, libmmd.dll and have installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). When I run Foobar2000 after the above installation, it stills prompted me that there is a compatibility problem with the masstag addons.

    I’m installing on a P4 running Windows XP Professional (32). Is there anything I’ve done wrong or I missed something? Thanks.

  199. music said,

    December 29, 2007 @ 2:12 am

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  200. Acropolis said,

    December 25, 2007 @ 3:27 am

    you also need “foo_masstag.dll”.

  201. Angela said,

    December 24, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

    Hi, I’m trying to use the masstagger, but foobar doesn’t seem to be able to load it. This is the dialog that pops up-
    Failed to load DLL: foo_masstag_addons.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    I have everything you specified installed, like the dll and the runtime library. I’m using v0.9.5

  202. Rui said,

    December 22, 2007 @ 1:41 pm

    ok.. ignore my question :) just took a little more searching

  203. Rui said,

    December 22, 2007 @ 1:29 pm

    Congrats for the excelent work!!!
    just one question, where can I get (or learn to make) more presets for projectm, if there is any such place?
    keep it up

  204. Jose said,

    December 19, 2007 @ 10:57 am

    Just wanted to say thank you for your work!

  205. Desparate said,

    December 13, 2007 @ 11:00 pm


    I have a lot of Cantonese songs with tags in (i think) BIG5 which are not displayed properly in iTunes. I’ve been searching on the internet and I was so happy to find out that your codepage_action might solve my problem.

    However, I never used foobar2000 so after a few hours of fiddling, I still could not get it to work. Here’s what I did: I installed foobar2000 v., I also downloaded masstag, masstag_addons and codepage_action_v1.2 and copied them to the foobar2000\component folder. I also downloaded the vc8 sp1 runtime library and the libmmd.dll. I see the masstag_addons and masstag in the components – but I don’t know how to run them as they do not show up in the contextual menu. Also, I got an error message when launching foobar2000 saying that “Failed to load DLL: foo_codepage_action.dll
    Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.”

    I am hoping use this holiday to convert all the tags for my wife so that she can see the names, albums and artists of the songs on her ipod. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  206. Acropolis said,

    December 10, 2007 @ 10:26 am

    對, 亦可能是根本那個流或協議是不支援的

  207. aling said,

    December 10, 2007 @ 8:49 am



  208. Acropolis said,

    December 10, 2007 @ 6:55 am

    you need vc8 SP1 runtimes, not vc8 runtimes. also it requires foo_masstag.dll

    我播放沒有問題, 請明確說出問題出現的方法, 網址, 等等.
    也請先用wmp試播, 可能連接已失效

  209. aling said,

    December 9, 2007 @ 11:15 am




  210. Min said,

    December 8, 2007 @ 11:33 pm

    I’m trying to use foo_masstag_addons with foobar2000 However, I tried everything I can find from internet (install VC8 Rdistribution package from MS, copy libmmd.dll to foobar2k directory), I still always get

    Failed to load DLL: foo_masstag_addons.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    Did I miss anything? Please advise.


  211. Acropolis said,

    December 2, 2007 @ 12:36 am

    不需要, gapless的功能已經在foo_dsp_crossfader內

  212. 琴月珍 said,

    December 1, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

    可以給我 foo_dsp_gapless 插件嗎?

  213. Lesta said,

    December 1, 2007 @ 4:45 am

    just want to say cool and thank you

  214. xenofixus said,

    November 1, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

    thanks a bunch!

  215. Acropolis said,

    October 30, 2007 @ 3:31 am

    you can do it with format string in a track info panel, or somewhere else.


    where XXX is the tag name you use in the file tag as a marker to disable crossfader.

    so if the file has the XXX tag, crossfader will be disabled, or enabled otherwise.

  216. xenofixus said,

    October 30, 2007 @ 12:28 am

    Hiya Acropolis!: love your components. I was wondering if there was a way that I could make crossfader only apply to albums without a certain tag? IE I have some albums that come premixed (techno for example) and being the lazy type, I do not want to have to disable crossfader every time I listen to them. I thought I saw something like this before but alas, it escapes me now. Any reply would be helpful! Thanks in advance.

  217. William Ng said,

    October 14, 2007 @ 10:31 am


  218. Acropolis said,

    October 7, 2007 @ 2:18 am


  219. William Ng said,

    October 3, 2007 @ 11:13 pm

    你好,我想繼續開發foo_uie_albumart_msn,作為業餘programming學習。想請問一下能否把source code send給我呢?謝謝。

  220. Rudy said,

    September 30, 2007 @ 1:14 am

    Got this error while starting my foobar.

    Failed to load DLL: foo_input_mslive.dll
    Reason: The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

    Can you help? Foobar with Vista X64.

  221. robert said,

    September 23, 2007 @ 11:57 pm

    hi. nice blog . thanks.

  222. Deckard said,

    September 15, 2007 @ 7:28 am (0.3.3) works pretty well for me. many thx!

  223. Acropolis said,

    September 4, 2007 @ 3:25 pm

    I’ve been doing the same when playing with my guitar~

  224. seemsbaked said,

    September 4, 2007 @ 1:53 pm

    Hi Acropolis,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the soundtouch plugin. You just saved me countless hours of my life that have previously been spent re-tuning my guitar to play along with SRV and Hendrix (they tune down a half-step). Most of these other plugins are really useful too. Keep up the good work! You rule.

  225. Acropolis said,

    September 2, 2007 @ 1:07 am


  226. Deadman said,

    September 1, 2007 @ 9:29 am


  227. Acropolis said,

    August 28, 2007 @ 7:36 pm

    hey senbei,
    I just tried to run fb2k in fedora 7, the installation of the vc8sp1 runtime is the same as running any files, “wine vcredist_x86_sp1.exe”

  228. Prodavec said,

    August 27, 2007 @ 1:13 pm


    Ок, I try with your conditions :)

  229. Acropolis said,

    August 27, 2007 @ 3:28 am

    1. you should use DS instead of ASIO to eliminate the possibility that it may be causing by the ASIO component, which is not stable. (and I think most likely it is the problem)
    2. you should not use resampler in order to focus on the DTS component
    3. post the crash log.

    I can’t help before you do the above things.

  230. Prodavec said,

    August 26, 2007 @ 2:25 pm

    Some additional info about crash

    Player crashes when:

    1. Playing/starting play .dts-file (only .dts)
    2. Seeking, I moving seek cursor left-right

    I have VC8 run-time libraries and libmmd.dll installed.

    Repeat my configuration:

    Foobar 2000 v0.9.4.3
    use ASIO output with SSRC DSP plugin, sample rate = 48000

    OS: MS Windows 2000 Pro SP4 + some critical fixes, IE 6.0 + some fixes
    .NET 3.0 + VC8 Installed

    Creative Audigy 2 ZS + kX Project driver
    E-Mu Systems E-Mu 1212m (native driver)
    Lynx Studio LynxL22 (native driver)

    All another Software works properly with all installed soundcards.

  231. Prodavec said,

    August 26, 2007 @ 2:02 pm

    PS (sorry)

    Try to desribe my problem. I use your DTS input plugin with Foobar2k v0.9.4.3, Win2k SP4 + some fixes, Audigy2ZS + kX Project driver, output via ASIO (SSRC to 48 kHz).

    Well, after start playing DTS-file somtimes I have crash situation – player dont response on mouse click. I go into Task Manager and trying to kill foobar2000.exe, but I cant. This process cannot be killed :( If I try to kill repeatly – Task Manager shows me message “…preocess cannot be terminated….close debugger…etc”.

    Now! I cannot terminate any application, started when after this crash, also a cant run applications: after start (for ex. Word.exe or Process Explorer, or Apache.exe etc…) process loaded into memory and…nothing its doing, no gui, no actions…and i cant terminate it via Taskman like foobar. Only Reset hel me.

    I test your plugin on WinXP SP2 with A2ZS+kX and got equally result :( (( What I doing wrong ?

    I hope you understand my English :)

  232. Prodavec said,

    August 26, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

    Hi All from Russia

    Thx for plugins :P

  233. Acropolis said,

    August 25, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

    sorry, I don’t run foobar in linux, so I don’t know.

  234. senbei said,

    August 25, 2007 @ 5:28 am

    Hi Acropolis! Thank you for your great work!!
    I tried out some of your components on a windows box, they work very fine.

    I see on your linux blog that you’re using gnome.
    I’m using foobar on wine with 0.9.41 on ubuntu.
    I can’t get foo_dsp_crossfader to work. Copied libmmd.dll to my foobar directory, but how can I install the vc8 sp1 runtime libraries on wine?

  235. Properly Display Non-English Song Title and Singer in Foobar2000 with foo_masstag_addons » My Digital Life said,

    August 19, 2007 @ 3:27 am

    [...] Download foo_masstag_addons from Acropolis’ foobar2000 components page. Current version is 0.3.4 can be downloaded directly from here. [...]

  236. Acropolis said,

    August 2, 2007 @ 5:03 pm

    the Displayed codepage probably is 28591, and the Correct codepage could be 936 or 950, depends on if the codepage is simplified or traditional chinese.

  237. Zichao said,

    August 2, 2007 @ 8:15 am

    I have chinese fonts to convert, but I do not know what type it is encoded in.

    I have no idea what to select for the Displayed and Correct codepage column.

    Here’s a screenshot:

    Any help is deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.

  238. Acropolis said,

    July 19, 2007 @ 10:07 pm

    一早已有人提出過, 以目前的sdk不可能實現.

  239. JoshuaChang said,

    July 19, 2007 @ 9:13 pm


  240. Acropolis said,

    July 5, 2007 @ 3:36 am

    sorry, I don’t understand your language, please use english.

  241. [Aplikacje] foobar2000 rev.1.7 by odyn1982 | Wiadomości, sport, fakty ze świata said,

    July 4, 2007 @ 11:39 pm

    [...] Dodałem też (dla ostrożnych i tych co mają problemy) foobara w cześciach by mogli sobie złożyć go od podstaw: 1.baza (Main_Foobar2000.exe) 2.dodatkowe wtyczki (Plugins_VC8_SP1-SSE.exe) Info o nich tutaj: 3.najlepsze configi (Config_Aeroish_Frame_1.1.exe, Config_Dark_1.33.exe, Config_FofR_0.9.exe i Config_Foo_AvA_1.03.exe) 4.dodatkowe, najładniejsze tła do configa foo AvA (Wallpapers.exe) 5.narzędzia (vcredist_x86_sp1.exe) oraz !!!_Instrukcja_!!!.txt [...]

  242. Mike Page said,

    June 27, 2007 @ 6:04 am

    All good now, thanks. The fb2k upgrade from v0.9.4 to v0.9.4.3 made all the difference.

  243. Acropolis said,

    June 24, 2007 @ 4:01 pm

    anybody still has the problem to download the components?
    I’ve been away for a while, now they all work.

  244. Mike Page said,

    June 24, 2007 @ 12:53 am

    Hi, trying to get hold of foo_dsp_crossfader. Your download links are dead, but I found something that looks right elsewhere on your site (DLL is dated 13-6-2007 but no versioning – ?!). Anyway, it crashes every time I press STOP – see Would really like to get crossfade working!

  245. John said,

    June 23, 2007 @ 10:32 pm

    Hi. I can’t download any of these foobar components. Then I try to download, I return to homepage. Tried IE7, Mozilla but it didn’t work :(

  246. Jonnysun said,

    June 23, 2007 @ 6:45 pm


  247. serious said,

    June 16, 2007 @ 12:06 am

    wtf is vc8 sp1? am asking because foo_input_mslive.dll won’t work (Failed to load DLL: foo_input_mslive.dll) here on an windows XP x64 machine.
    [quote]Reason: Diese Anwendung konnte nicht gestartet werden, weil die Anwendungskonfiguration nicht ordnungsgemäß ist. Zur Problembehebung sollten Sie die Anwendung neu installieren.[/quote]
    translated: “the application couldn’t be started, as the application configuration isn’t valid. to resolve this error you should reinstall the application”

    no clue why it isn’t working. downloaded the mentioned lib and extracted it to system32-folder (also tried foobar folder, but doesn’t make difference).

  248. Acropolis said,

    May 24, 2007 @ 11:32 pm

    沒有掛, 一切正常, 請再試

  249. Gythialy said,

    May 24, 2007 @ 6:08 pm



  250. crystalclear said,

    May 23, 2007 @ 5:05 pm

    thanks :D downloading now

  251. Acropolis said,

    May 23, 2007 @ 12:34 pm

    now you can right click to select the track to play between normal and reversed.

  252. crystalclear said,

    May 23, 2007 @ 12:23 am

    yay thanks :D it’s such a fun component, great work! I’m looking forward for the next version :)

    also I want to thank you for the crossfader, it works perfectly, I even get rid of continuator as its configuration is confusing, yours is way better :D

  253. Acropolis said,

    May 22, 2007 @ 10:27 pm

    good idea, I didn’t think about this.
    it is not hard to implement, later version will let you do it.

  254. crystalclear said,

    May 22, 2007 @ 9:44 pm

    scratch my previous post, figured that already :)

    good job, anyway to make it easier? like right click –>reverse playback or something like that?


  255. crystalclear said,

    May 22, 2007 @ 8:42 pm

    sorry about that, I thought I already have the libmmd… now it loads fine, but may I ask you another stupid question? how do you activate it? I mean the songs playing as usual, I don’t notice any change…


  256. Acropolis said,

    May 21, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

    why don’t you just read my word in the post before downloading?
    it states what is required to run the components, the solution is just next to you when you click the link.

  257. crystalclear said,

    May 21, 2007 @ 9:27 pm

    I tried reinstalling the runtime just like you said, and it still gives me an error message, this time it’s different though :

    Failed to load DLL: foo_input_reverse.dll
    Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

    what am I doing wrong?

  258. Acropolis said,

    May 21, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

    try to reinstall the vc8 sp1 runtime.

  259. crystalclear said,

    May 21, 2007 @ 11:15 am

    foo_input_reverse always failed to load for me, it says something about side-by-side configuration incorrect… I’m using foobar on vista, can you help me?

  260. Acropolis said,

    May 17, 2007 @ 6:41 am

    I would do removing silence at the beginning for track change and starting to play a track, but not on seeking.

  261. PV said,

    May 16, 2007 @ 4:48 pm

    Hey Acropolis, would it be possible to kill silence on start of a playback and on manual song change if gapless crossfader is active without crossfader? Also on seek to the begining of track please?

  262. PV said,

    May 16, 2007 @ 4:34 pm

    @aradillas: install VC8 SP1 runtimes as well

  263. aradillas said,

    May 13, 2007 @ 3:06 pm

    My name is raúl, from Tampico, México

    I´m looking for foo_dts.dll for my foobar2k v., I’ve downloaded the .dll on this page and the foo_dts.dll send me this error message:

    Failed to load DLL: foo_dts.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    I already copy the libmmd.dll in system32 folder and foo_dts.dll into foobar directory, then restart foobar and get the error message.

    Please somebody could help me??

  264. CeKay said,

    May 10, 2007 @ 3:24 am

    ok sorry, i just thought its enought to copy the .dll :) now i installed the library setup and it works. thank you

  265. CeKay said,

    May 10, 2007 @ 3:05 am

    I copied the libmmd.dll eather to system32 or the component directory of foobar. When I start foobar v0.9.4.3 I get this error:

    “Failed to load DLL: foo_dsp_crossfader.dll
    Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. ”

    since i`m in a need of a nice crossfader, what can I do now ?

  266. Paul said,

    May 5, 2007 @ 11:49 pm

    your plugins are great. I was wondering if you could make possible that when you double cick in any playlist its starts to play automatically like the most media players do. thanks

  267. Squeller said,

    May 5, 2007 @ 7:19 pm

    You were asked to remove the component and removed 2 output components. Working components. I remember the same happened with the foo_fullscreen, which I use on my mmpc. cwb seems to have done some hacks as well.

    The question is: Is this the fb2k way of encouraging users to write components? Not to talk about negative statements of peter about the component authors code quality.

    The unfriendly side of the fb2k project if you ask me.

    Please go on doing a good job anyway :-)

  268. Acropolis said,

    April 27, 2007 @ 2:11 am

    the gapless menu items have nothing to do with the seamless option.
    the menu items are to enable/disable gapless (remove silence).

    the seamless option is to provide a smooth transition to the next song. probably I should used “smoothing” instead.
    sometimes after the silence at the end of song A, it suddenly has a very short crackle sound, then song B plays, seamless will remove the crackle sound.

    unless you want to skip any silence in the whole song, you don’t need skip silence but gapless.
    in fact, if you put skip silence before gapless crossfader, it will makes the integrated gapless unusable more or less.

    so you should just put gapless crossfader as the first dsp and remove skip silence, personally, I haven’t used it for a very long time.

  269. Matyas said,

    April 27, 2007 @ 1:43 am

    You found the culprit!
    upgrading from left some values in foobar’s settings which the new version interpreted as 298348ms crossfading buffer. Hence the high memory usage. Resetting this to some ‘normal’ value returned the mem usage to 33Mb, which is OK.
    I have made other observations though. If I disable the gapless in the menu, the “seamless” checkbox in the DSP settings remain unchanged and vice versa. I understand these two should achieve the same result… Please explain if it is otherwise.

    Other thing is: you surely noticed I have foo_dsp_skipsilence in my stack. Could you please make a quick comparison of this component against your dll?

  270. Acropolis said,

    April 26, 2007 @ 8:09 am

    the previous version you are talking about is without gapless.
    so, before I ask for screenshots or any further checkings, can you try to disable gapless in the menu item to see if it helps (in the new version)?

    I didn’t mean that I don’t believe your observation, I just suspect the condition when you found the result.

  271. Matyas said,

    April 26, 2007 @ 5:19 am

    Previos version of crossfader is:
    I find it insulting that you don’t believe the numbers I state. I am not loaded, nor drunk. Send me your email address )you should now mine), or drop me a PM @Hydrogenaudio and I will send you some screenshots (even videos, if you want). My nick @ Hydrogenaudio is also “Matyas”.

  272. Acropolis said,

    April 25, 2007 @ 5:37 am

    firstly, which previous version are you talking about? with or without gapless integrated?

    secondly, I really doubt what you said about the 50MB more behavior, because the libmmd.dll has nothing to increase the consumption other than being loaded, which will just consume around 1-2MB more (it just contains calculation routines).
    and the new version virtually just a new compilation with another compiler.

    I suspect that you are looking at the memory usage of the new version while using the panel ui/trackinfo AFTER a few playback, then compare with the memory usage with the old version AFTER a restart of fb2k without any plays (at this time memory consumption is relatively low.

    I made a test in an environment I suggested before, and using 9 other dsps with crossfader, after starting fb2k, the consumption is 23MB. for the first play, the consumption increased to around 38MB at all times. btw, I used 6000ms for gapless and fading.

  273. Matyas said,

    April 25, 2007 @ 2:06 am

    I will do the tests as you suggested, but HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN, that former versions of crossfader do not show this behaviour?

  274. Acropolis said,

    April 24, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

    I’m not convinced, let me tell you how to check it out in a better way.

    use a clean foobar2000 ui interface, ie. use only standard or column ui, no trackinfo, etc. because you have no clue who the devil is. I just found that otherwise while playing, memory increases a lot. the point is, use as less components as possible.

    put only crossfader in the dsp chain, and start the playback, the memory usage will be a few MB more than without using crossfader (assumed only 2 channels audio).

    I just found that if you remove crossfader from the chain while playing, foobar (or some other components, I didn’t manage to find it out) seems to be leaking a bit of the memory allocated, but I don’t think crossfader should take the responsibility, as it is doing the correct way to send the data in the buffers back to the output.

  275. Matyas said,

    April 24, 2007 @ 5:10 am

    Well, it is true :)

    my DSP stack is as follows:
    1. skip silence
    2. Convert 5.1 to stereo (just to make sure)
    3. Crossfader
    4. Bauer stereophonic to binaural DSP
    5. Advanced limiter

    Crossfader is using 1000ms buffer.
    I have checked once again. The new version of crossfader (not speaking about menu_addons) with libmmd makes foobar use more memory. Now it is 99.656Kb right after start. After a second start it is 110M.

    When I removed all the dsps (except crossfader, os it is the SINGLE dsp in the stack) while foobar was running, the consumption went up to 266M. After a fresh start it is 88.348Kb. Another start 88420Kb.

    Reverting to old version results in 30.536Kb of memory used. I am using foobar 9.4.3 final.

  276. Acropolis said,

    April 24, 2007 @ 3:31 am

    this is not true, especially when you say about the consumption with menu_addons.

    crossfader will use quite a lot of memory if you have the buffer length too large, or if you put any upmixing dsp (to 5.1) before crossfader. I always put it as the first one in my dsp chain.

    I recommend you to remove all the dsps other than crossfader, then play a stereo song and check the memory usage. I think it’s quite close to the old versions.

  277. Matyas said,

    April 24, 2007 @ 2:48 am

    With the latest crossfader and menu_addons, (requiring libmmd.dll) the memory consumption increases by 50MB!!!! With former versions of these plugins (not requiring libmmd.dll) the total memory used by foobar in my case was 30MB . Now with libmmd.dll this is 88MB. Horrible! I have reverted to the old versions.

  278. Acropolis said,

    April 22, 2007 @ 11:11 am

    這只是小問題, 我遲些更新時會加上一個新的menu item來清除A-B.
    不過我要說明一點, 即使A-B清除了, 它也會Repeat, A-B的範圍是track length, 而又要沒有正在使用有自己buffer的dsp.

  279. gsmspro said,

    April 22, 2007 @ 6:57 am

    “Repeat A-B”這個功能很棒,可是要怎麼清除A-B區段?


  280. J.Sorel said,

    April 19, 2007 @ 12:20 am

    Hi. Thanks for the plug-ins.
    I already installed the vc8 sp1 runtime library and the libmmd.dll and still have this problem:
    “Failed to load DLL: foo_dsp_crossfader.dll
    Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.”

    any suggestions?

  281. Acropolis said,

    April 18, 2007 @ 4:38 pm

    先說明一點, 這兒不是FOOBAR技術支援的地方.
    給你一點提示: 要外掛, 再用$imageabs 或 $imageabs2

  282. WILL said,

    April 18, 2007 @ 3:49 am


  283. John B said,

    April 18, 2007 @ 12:28 am

    Thanks for the soundtouch DSP.

  284. alex said,

    April 12, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

    hi nice site.

  285. robert said,

    March 26, 2007 @ 11:19 pm

    hi all. nice blog. its very ineresting article.

  286. Phocus said,

    March 17, 2007 @ 2:03 am

    I mean 0.3.9 doesn’t work so I need 0.3.8 lol

  287. Phocus said,

    March 17, 2007 @ 1:58 am

    I need foo_menu_addons 0.3.6, because 0.3.8 won’t work!

  288. Acropolis said,

    March 15, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

    I have already given up this component, so I can’t help, sorry.

  289. harryharryjasno said,

    March 15, 2007 @ 4:53 am

    Can you help me with my problem?

  290. Acropolis said,

    March 12, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

    you probably need to try to use a proxy, this is not my server, I can’t help.

  291. raenoll said,

    March 12, 2007 @ 3:41 am


  292. Peter said,

    March 12, 2007 @ 3:40 am


    the reading for foo_input_mslive sounds great –
    unfortunately I can’t unpack the zipfile downloaded from this page (dl’ed with Firefox, tried Infozip’s UNZIP, PKWare’s PKZIP and WinRAR to unpack) … it’s always ‘file ends prematurely’

  293. harryharryjasno said,

    March 11, 2007 @ 3:16 am

    Hi i’ve got a problem with the foo_uie_vis_projectm_sse2 component. The twin-monitor system only proves to have fullscreen mode on the main display, while the additional doesnt have it, although it’s checked in the options. Video – GF6600GT. Thanks in advance.

  294. Allen said,

    March 7, 2007 @ 12:57 pm

    那就是只要有裝原本的windows messenger 4.7版

  295. Acropolis said,

    March 6, 2007 @ 11:59 pm

    這個插件只有在XP下及裝有windows messenger的情況下才有效 (不是msn messenger).

  296. Allen said,

    March 6, 2007 @ 9:12 pm


  297. Travis said,

    March 4, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

    Problem was resolved. VC8sp1 was instrallled.

    thanks for your component.

  298. Travis said,

    March 4, 2007 @ 10:55 pm

    我安装vc8之后 还是不能加载上面的插件 为什么啊?? 我应该装vc8还是vc8 sp1?
    OS=win xp +sp2


  299. Acropolis said,

    March 2, 2007 @ 6:00 am

    不是不需要, 只是xpsp2已安裝了.
    留意以後我的更新也要裝vc8 sp1的運行庫.

  300. cuthead said,

    March 2, 2007 @ 3:55 am

    其实xpsp2不需要运行库也照样能够使用,只不过是像 msvcp80.dll msvcr80.dll 这样某几个小dll文件不需要装庞大的vc8运行库

    PS:感谢您的masstag component。那是我也是大多数人最喜欢的component

  301. dude said,

    February 23, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

    what do these do?

  302. Miho said,

    February 20, 2007 @ 5:48 am

    Thank You very much, works just fine now!

    Yours, Miho

  303. Acropolis said,

    February 20, 2007 @ 12:54 am

    install vc8 sp1 runtime, provided above.

  304. Miho said,

    February 20, 2007 @ 12:16 am


    I was happy to find that there is a crossfader for foobar. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work for me. Downloaded foobar, copied foo_dsp_crossfader.dll to /components dir but all i got is “Failed to load DLL: foo_dsp_crossfader.dll
    Reason: Unable to load aplication because its configuration in inappropriate. Try to install aplication again (translated myself, original is in polish)”. Then foobar starts but no crossfader. What do I do wrong?

  305. Acropolis said,

    February 10, 2007 @ 4:00 am

    since I almost never use any ati cards, so I never had a chance to test, therefore I don’t know any workaround, and not even know if there’s a problem.
    sorry I can’t help you with this.

  306. VaThInK said,

    February 10, 2007 @ 2:08 am

    Thanks for your help. I actually tried it again using my other PC with GeForce 7 in it and it works fine. The one that refuses to work is using Radeon 9600 Pro. Is this a known problem or is there a workaround for it? Coz I think it should works on Radeon card if it works on GeForce card. Sorry if I’m asking too much. Thanks again for helping.


  307. Acropolis said,

    February 8, 2007 @ 12:22 am

    well, it only requires the vc runtime to work.
    this component is virtually abandoned, so I can only suggest you try the foo_vis_projectm first, to see if it works, if not, probably the opengl is not compatible with your display card/driver.

  308. VaThInK said,

    February 7, 2007 @ 11:29 am

    Hi, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. Do you need any other things for the projectm to works with foobar2000 or just the foo_uie_vis_projectm.dll on it’s own? I have put the .dll in the foobar2000′s component dir and assign it to a splitter in my column ui panel and my foobar2000 always become not responding. Any suggestions?


  309. Acropolis said,

    January 24, 2007 @ 8:33 pm

    press CTRL+U, then type the location with the prefix “mslive://”

  310. todd said,

    January 23, 2007 @ 11:52 am

    this is going to sound really stupid but i put the foo_input_mslive.dll in my components directory and opened up foobar i dont know how to load streams though. what do i have to do i went to add a panel for it but there is no panel.

  311. Acropolis said,

    January 21, 2007 @ 4:43 pm

    這裡不是foobar2000技術支援區, 下次請到相關地方查問.
    這次告訴你,  是用masstag的”Guess values from other fields”.

  312. armage1234 said,

    January 20, 2007 @ 7:24 am


  313. KM said,

    January 15, 2007 @ 9:45 pm

    Hi Acroplis
    I found the way to save the ASX and changed the version to 3.0 per your advice. I can access the commerical radio HK now. Thanks

  314. Acropolis said,

    January 13, 2007 @ 3:06 pm

    there’s no exact procedure to do it, just use any download manager with the link you provided (flashget won’t work as it will download from the actually mms link).

  315. KM said,

    January 12, 2007 @ 8:04 am

    Hi Acropolis
    I don’t know how to save ASX. Would you give me the procedures for doing it.

  316. Acropolis said,

    January 12, 2007 @ 3:01 am

    before a new version comes out, the workaround is you save the asx in your computer, then manually edit the first line of the asx, change:



    ASX VERSION=”3.0″

    this will do.

  317. KM said,

    January 10, 2007 @ 8:50 am

    Hi Acropolis
    You are right. The oversea link is not yet fixed. I have tried the local link using FireFox and it works. I then switch to FooBar and used the same local link (, I got “only asx version 3.0 is supported” error message.

    I hope the above gives more info. for trouble shoot.

  318. Acropolis said,

    January 10, 2007 @ 1:33 am

    well, it seems I cannot connect to, probably those lines to hk are still not fixed yet, after the earthquake. I’ll try later.

  319. KM said,

    January 9, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

    Hi! Acropolis
    I got an error message (only support version 3 asx) when using the mslive plugin to connect to Is there any way to get over it.

  320. Acropolis said,

    January 8, 2007 @ 2:30 am


  321. SAM said,

    January 7, 2007 @ 7:43 pm

    你好Acropolis, 可不可以寫一個調用DS filters的input plugin, 讓foobar2000能播更多不同的格式。

  322. KM said,

    December 31, 2006 @ 2:48 pm

    Hi, Acropolis
    Thanks for the info. It works now.

  323. Acropolis said,

    December 31, 2006 @ 10:52 am


    it will never perform conversions for filenames.

    remove the radio2 entry in your playlist then re-add the location with the prefix (optional for single entry asx, but recommended), that will do.
    since different versions may not be compatible,  future versions may still need to do the same thing in order to make foobar play.

  324. KM said,

    December 31, 2006 @ 9:08 am

    After installing the above latest version, my link to Radio HK ( did not work. I have tried to add the prefix mslive://, it still did not work.

    I now re-installed the old version in order to connect the Radio HK.
    Would you let me know how to add the Radio HK under the new version.


  325. Zhichao said,

    December 31, 2006 @ 4:18 am


    I’ve been using masstag_addons for some time now.

    Recently my hdd crashed, so I have to reinstall everything to the latest version. It seems that the new version does not change the code page of the filename anymore ? Or it never ever did change the filename’s code page ?

  326. Edison said,

    December 31, 2006 @ 12:58 am

    能否設定foo_albumart_msn在變更專輯時自動刪除建立在msn暫存資料夾中的專輯封面圖片? 否則msn頭像選擇中會出現很多cover圖片

  327. ridvan said,

    December 22, 2006 @ 2:47 am

    great! been looking for crossfader plugins. million thanks. oh, hope you can increase the fading length, or make it customizable by the user. thanks! keep up! :)

  328. Acropolis said,

    December 15, 2006 @ 9:18 am

    if you are saying the pause (not freezing) for a short time during manual track change, this is normal, because as a dsp, it cannot be gapless (it can only if not manual track change), this is the limitation.
    only an output component can solve this problem, but the sdk doesn’t contain anything related to output component, so I can’t do anything.

  329. Peter said,

    December 15, 2006 @ 3:32 am

    Hi Acropolis,

    I’m expierincing a problem with your crossfader plugin. On (manual) trackchange. Playback stops for a few ms, continues playing the current song and only after that starts fading.
    I tried this with the latest version of your plugin. (removed all other components out of the dsp-chain).
    I’m listening to ogg-files.

    Thanks for your work!

  330. norz said,

    December 1, 2006 @ 3:09 am

    Thank you for all the good work you are doing on foobar2000 components! :)

  331. Acropolis said,

    November 26, 2006 @ 3:25 am

    免生麻煩, 不能提供, 抱歉

    no, normally google will find the things I want, and I don’t use that component and don’t know anything about it.

    如果wmp不能播放, mslive也不能播放.

  332. lantern said,

    November 25, 2006 @ 9:00 pm


  333. Udo said,

    November 25, 2006 @ 7:14 am

    Hi Acropolis,
    sorry, that I woke you up :-) Now I am at my home PC and, …. yes you’re right, now I can see (and download) the files. With my Office PC there was now download link (hyperlink) displayed. Nevertheless, thanks for your help.
    By the way, have been googleling around for foo_vis_samurize2.dll and foo_info_samurize.dll. Have you got a better source than GOOGLE?

  334. 赵晗 said,

    November 25, 2006 @ 12:53 am

    你好,能不能提供一下foo_dsp_srswow,我的邮箱,实在想体验SRS WOW效果,又不想开WMP,我明白作者的难处,本人保证只自己使用,不向外传播,希望作者分享一下,非常感谢!

  335. Acropolis said,

    November 23, 2006 @ 8:09 am

    you said you couldn’t find the files, I really doubt if you even have even made a search and look.
    foo_uie_albumart_msn is right on top of what you are viewing.
    foo_uie_trackinfo_mod and foo_uie_single_column_playlist are so easy to find in google.
    while the calibri font is copyrighted and included in vista, but I believe you can find it in google as well.

  336. Udo said,

    November 23, 2006 @ 6:04 am

    Hi Acropolis, would like to use your config for my foobar. Unfortunately I can not find the following items which are need. These are:
    calibri font from windows vista
    Can you let me have these files. All other needed Components are downloadable from your side with the exception of the above 4. Many thanks in advance and best regards from Germany.

  337. Acropolis said,

    November 22, 2006 @ 6:44 am

    you need foo_masstag.dll, then right click on the songs you want to edit, select “tagging->manage script” in the context menu.

  338. adam said,

    November 22, 2006 @ 5:51 am

    how do i use the masstagger? I see it in the foobar components list, but I can’t manage to bring it up.

  339. Acropolis said,

    November 17, 2006 @ 4:53 pm


    主要原因是foobar sdk的document太爛, 簡直有如形同虛設. 像我這些開發者常常都要浪費時間去猜某某機制是怎樣運作. 像之前mslive做成不能拖資料夾到foobar播放一樣, 那種bug正常來說根本不會出現, 就是沒有document去說明某東西是怎樣運作, 加上某東西看似不用處理, 但又要處理.

    我遲些會重新將mslive以另一方法再寫, 這個問題應該可以解決, 目前我也不知道問題出在那裡…..

  340. lupin1984 said,

    November 17, 2006 @ 10:37 am

    foo_input_mslive 为什么不能将电台网址保存在 m3u列表里 ?

    手动编辑 m3u 列表写入电台网址后,foobar 能正常播放

  341. Acropolis said,

    November 16, 2006 @ 12:46 am

    那個foo_dsp_srswow由於是我從wmp偷碼出來的dsp, 實在不方便提供大家使用.
    另外那個foo_dsp_src也是, 我編這個東西是因為原作者提供的那個不支援5.1聲道, 他似是不喜歡別人不依他堅持的GPL授權, 所以也不能提供下載, 抱歉.

    作為一個input component, 禁用/取消暫停按鈕是辦不到的.
    wmp它會對live stream作禁用暫停按鈕, 非live的stream它不會禁用, mslive原則上也對非live的stream提供暫停的功能 (我內部設定了當緩衝達一秒時暫停, 太多容易令foobar沒有回應, 因為太多爛的伺服器的速度超慢), 但它到底有沒有暫停我也不確定, 因為到底是ms的東西 :(

  342. pgk said,

    November 15, 2006 @ 11:43 pm

    mslive 是个令人兴奋的component,我已经期待了好久,由衷感谢。
    但有个小问题:就是当暂停播放时,它似乎还在继续接收数据,因为内存使用量在不断攀升,而停止播放时则没有问题;我注意到Windows Media Player在播放流媒体时禁用了暂停按钮,所以我想能不能在mslive播放时也禁用暂停按钮,或者最好把暂停指令解释成停止指令(我喜欢^_^),辛苦啦

  343. lupin1984 said,

    November 15, 2006 @ 6:00 am


    或发送到我的邮箱 谢谢

  344. Acropolis said,

    November 5, 2006 @ 9:03 am

    foo_masstag_codepage is renamed to foo_masstag_addons, long time ago :)

  345. HYDE said,

    November 5, 2006 @ 7:13 am

    Where is the foo_masstag_codepage, I think then it’s the better of your plugins ;)

  346. Acropolis said,

    November 4, 2006 @ 11:32 pm

    you need only one, afaik, they are different only in terms of the tagging method.
    the latter one is from case.

  347. Scary-Pants said,

    November 4, 2006 @ 8:55 pm

    I’ve got two ‘dts’ type plugins:

    foo_dts.dll v0.1.1 [02 July 2006] – DTS decoder
    foo_input_dts.dll v0.1.7 [22 July 2006] – DTS decoder

    can you please give some info – do i need only one or both or which is best ?

    more greets from down-under!

  348. Sebastian Koch said,

    November 1, 2006 @ 8:20 pm

    thanks for the file. I can play web radio now.
    Greetings to Melbourne, I miss Australia. I was living in Sydney for 6 months… Now I’m back in Germany…


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