components for fb2k 1.0 updated

16/01/2010 – 2 more updated
foo_menu_addons (removed startup playlist and main menu group in context menu)

some of my components have been updated to support,
or recompiled for foobar2000 1.0.

the version numbers remain the same +1.0,
and some are renamed in order to get loaded.

foo_input_wmx (foo_input_wma)
foo_input_msl (foo_input_mslive)

note that to use mslive, you must add stream by using
the mslive menu group now, otherwise the stream will be handled
by the foobar2000 default input plugin.


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foo_misc_addons 0.1.6
- support WLM 2009 (ver 14.x)

- changed the popup dialog to non top most
- now will distinguish between asf, wma and wmv
- bugfix in creating asx from list

- bugfix that source switching does not start to play at all

foo_dts 0.1.8
- changed the default playing dts cd/wav to off
(if you want it on, it’s in the preference page)
– should work for
p.s. in, if you still want to use foo_input_wma, please rename it to something else.

foo_dts 0.1.7
- fixed bug of crashing when playing with dts cd

foo_misc_addons 0.1.5
- minor bug fix for now playing

foo_dts 0.1.6
- added an option to choose if to enable DTS CD/WAV support

foo_dts 0.1.5
- fixed a bug when scanning wav files
- linked with libdca 0.0.5

foo_masstag_addons 0.3.5
- compatible with foo_masstag 1.7.1
- auto detect masstagger’s version to enable/disable built-in preview mode
- removed “Embedded cuesheet inserter”

p.s for those who uses foo_metadb_display_hook, read the included README file before use, if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.

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recompilation for the newer foobar2000

happy new year~

since some of my components are not working with newer foobar2000, I have recompiled all of them with the latest sdk, now they should run.

if you still want to use them, download again.

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foo_input_mslive 0.4.9
- completely fixed the STARTTIME and DURATION bug

foo_input_mslive 0.4.8
- fixed that STARTTIME and DURATION was not effective
- fixed the PARAM parsing bug
- added HTMLView to info property (only root asx)

foo_input_mslive 0.4.7
- minor display changes
- added %mslive_stream_url% variable for now playing
- fixed content type and another REPEAT element bug

foo_misc_addons 0.1.4
- real time update now playing info (no more delay)

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anybody missing the foo_out_dsound_ex2 in 0.8.3′s era?

As we all know, in the 0.9.x foobar2000, there’s inevitably a short pause during manual track change with fading effect enabled, it definitely decreases our listening pleasure.

I always enjoy the fading features brought to me by the foo_out_dsound_ex2 component in the old time, it has custom pause, skip, seek and stop fading length. And the most important thing is, it will solve the short pause problem.

Finally, I’ve decided to port the foo_out_dsound_ex2 to 0.9.x, and it’s done. However, it is illegal to distribute it due to the SDK restrictions, so people, if you want it, leave your email in this post, I can assure that you will forget about the default DS output.


the output component has been updated to resolve the volume changing problem.

also I’ve made a component that allows you to use components using metadb_display_hook (e.g. ui_panels, cwb_hooks) in foobar2000, if those obsoleted components make you stay with, this is your gospel. use your instinct to find the download.

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foo_dsp_crossfader v0.3.4.1
- added overlapping as an alternative to crossfading effect
- added corresponding items for overlapping (menu, commandline handler, and behavior control)
- little improvement for the behavior control

foo_dsp_crossfader v0.3.4
- removed old metadb_display_hook implementation
- added behavior control in config dialog to customize the condition to run the dsp process (using title format)
- config dialog changes no longer in real time
- commandline handler parameter has been changed from “/gapless_crossfader” to “/gc”
- the old $gapless_crossfader function in behavior control is now $gc
- added some variables for using in behavior control:
%gc_playback_order% – current playback order
%gc_stop_after_current% – stop the playback after current one

for example, to enable fading only when playback order is Random:

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foo_dts 0.1.4
- natural playback of DTS WAV

foo_input_mslive 0.4.6
- fixed that cannot play entries with REPEAT element

foo_input_mslive 0.4.5
- fixed crashing when trying different referenced urls

foo_dts 0.1.3
- natural playback of DTS CD (auto detect, no more context menu)

foo_dts 0.1.2
- support direct DTS CD playback (activate from context menu after loading the CD)

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new announcement and update

foo_input_mslive 0.4.4
- fixed when playing asf that contains video, sound gets corrupted
- add stream url dialog now has a “browse” button
- some minor updates

I have just updated this blog to a new version, during the process I accidentally deleted some unsupported old components, so they are not available anymore.
also, I have finally decide to compile all the components with static libraries, so you just need a computer with SSE support, and no need any extra dlls.

我剛把這個 blog 更新到新版本, 更新的過程中不小心把一些已不支援的舊插件移除了, 所以它們不再提供下載.
另外, 我終於決定重新把插件和靜態運行庫作連結的編譯, 所以除了一台支援 SSE 的電腦外, 不再需要任何額外的 dlls.

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update and little notice

- resolved locking up with too many WM attributes

foo_input_mslive 0.4.3
- fixed a bug in the add stream url dialog
- fixed that adding stream url to the current playlist is undoable
- fixed that REF link to another playlist is not playable

foo_input_mslive 0.4.2
- fixes:
ENTRYREF does not work as expected
some asx parsing bugs
resetting the config settings does not reset all

- news:
buffering time can now be specified
stream location history can now be cleared

as I said in the earlier post, I’m using vc2008 now, so mslive also needs vc9 runtime libraries.

however, I don’t know why some people reporting that vc9 runtime is not backward compatible to older versions (vc8, vc8sp1), so in case you can’t use some of my components, probably you should also install vc8sp1 runtime libraries.

I will recompile all the components to use vc9 runtime when a update version of the intel compiler that compatible to vc2008 is available, but at the moment, only mslive, wma decoder, and crossfader require vc9 runtime libraries.

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minor update

happy new year 2008~

foo_dsp_crossfader (2/1/2008)
- fixed one menu item status shown incorrectly when the menu group is locked

it is recommended updating to this version to avoid future crash of incompatibility with newer version of foobar2000.

also, starting from this update, I’m using visual studio 2008.
in other words, my newer components or updates will require vc9 runtime libraries, the download link is in my component post.

the vc9 runtime libraries is backward compatible to vc8.1/vc8 runtime libraries, so you only need that for all my components.

and I’m still waiting for an update version of intel compiler that supports vs2008, so for the moment, the components will be compiled with the normal vc compiler.

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